Help me understand the new incentives!!


Future Walt Disney World Cast Member
Sep 23, 2001
Ok, so I feel like a total dope!!

There is no incentive for a 50 point add on correct? Also, is the $5 off per point only a BCV incentive and how long will this be offered? My guide (Jim McCoy) is off on Sun and Mon. and cant wait til Tuesday LOL!!

I was working on convincing DH of a HH add on and am still hoping there would be something offered for that!!

Thanks everyone!!
I've read that they are still having $10 buy back at both HH and VB. I am not positive that they are still doing this though, that is just what I have read in recent threads!
My understanding is with the $10 Magical Beginnings at HH and VB you have to sell back your first year points. With the $5 BCV Beginnings, you get a $5 ppt discount on the $75 ppt price and you don't have to sell back any points.


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