Help - IOA character breakfast/lunch/dinner info


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Nov 1, 2000
Help - new to this board and need info on character breakfast/lunch/dinner at IOA . . . Will be there 7/4 and would love to have my son see Spiderman. Any info is much appreciated!
I was at HRH from 4/22 thru 4/26 and IOA was never short of characters. Spiderman, X-Men, Dr. Doom, and others made several daily appearances at Marvel Super Hero Island while Toon Lagoon has the same with Popeye, Bluto (or Brutus I'm not sure), Olive, Scooby Doo, Betty Boop, George Jetson, etc. Also, Seuss Landing had several Seuss Characters including Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the Grinch. I was very impressed with all the characters amd their availability. I can not say how the breakfasts/lunches are with the characters but you may not need to do the character meal at all. Just a thought,

Character meals are only at the on site resorts now. AT PBH on Monday and Friday and at Hard Rock Hotel on Tuesday and Saturday. Characters from either park can show up.
Remember, the character meals are in the early evenings, starting at about 5:30 or 6:00. No character breakfasts as of now.
can an off-siter book a character meal at the HRH for the early evening......or do you have to be an on-siter?

Thanks karen :rolleyes: :confused:
Everybody can eat at any of the restaurants at the on-site hotels and this includes character dinners:p

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