Help! All stars or Off site?


Feb 21, 2001
We were all set to book an off site house for our Sept 3-14 trip this year, then read the post here about the $49/night All star resort prices for that time of year. I'm SO CONFUSED!!

Here are our choices:

A 4 bedroom luxury home with an indoor pool, 4 miles from Main gate for $95 per night or

2 rooms at one of the all stars for $100 per night. (assuming we can also get this rate)

I'll be my wife and I and 3 children 11, 9, 7.

The wife and I definately want our own bedroom. (vacations are much better that way....)

Any suggestions?
I guess it depends on what type of trip you want. If you plan on doing the parks commando style and spending very little time in your room --I'd opt for the all-stars. If you are going for a relaxing vacation and want the benefits of space, private pool etc. the house sounds great. Good Luck deciding.
I really think that I would lean towards the 4 bedroom house. Nothing could help to settle down the kids more than a roomy place to stay with all the comforts of home - PLUS an indoor pool!
And saying THAT, I have stayed at the All Stars 2x. And we really liked them, they were TONS of fun. Loved the food court and the theming. Guess it all depends on if you need to "get away" from Disney or want to be "surrounded by Disney 24 hours a day!"
Good Luck with your decision... :)

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