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    Jun 21, 2013
    Hi everyone! My first time at Disney was in August 1997, a month before I turned 11. My second was in March 2011 with a friend and her family, and my third will be this coming November- which will be my partner's first time ever! We picked November because some of our friends went at that time last year and we wanted to see the holiday decorations up.

    I'm pretty obsessed with Disney in general, and realizing that we could totally afford to do a Disney vacation this year was really exciting to me- especially because New Fantasyland was still under construction when I went in 2011, and Star Tours was being updated as well! I may as well be 10 years old again for how excited I am to go and actually stay at a Disney resort.

    I've been poking around for "don't miss" ideas because I want to make sure my partner has a great experience past just the things that I know I love, and that's why I decided to join up here. :)
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    Welcome! :)

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