heeeeelp trying to plan first night but with a 7 year old for first time ever!!!!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Planning & Community Board' started by Orion33, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Orion33

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    Jun 25, 2006
    Right let's start at the beginning (it's a very good place to start)

    I go to to dlp every year but this year is a first as I'm taking my 7 year old niece to DLP (and husband, brother, mum and dad Dec 21st)

    Our plane lands at CDG at 19.40 so I estimate by the time we have cleared everything and based on transport times and timings we should be at the park by 9pm (that just jinxed that) to check in to Sequoia Lodge (hoorah!)

    Last year this is exactly how it worked same times the lot, but it was 4 adults (me & OH plus my parent) so off we headed - chose Annettes ate late (9.30) went to bed late (11.45 and we all shared a room so genuinely giggled like excited children and kept ourselves up, plus could see castle from room so kept periodically having to check on it...lets say 2am!!!) got up stoopidly early (6.30..c'mon you have all seen the advert "but I'm soo excited"). Which is fine when your ages are 26-66.

    However have to bear in mind this year we will have one (hopefully) excited 7 year old with us. (She doesn't know she's going yet not telling her till we get there) but don't know what to do!!! never taken a child before and have no idea how they cope, i mean us adults can get up at 6am and be out doing stuff till midnight then do it all again the next day....7 year olds can't-or does disney give them extra energy???

    I thought of booking Cafe Mickey as a suprise for that first night a table at 9.30pm which would give us plenty of time to get there should there be delays, but I'm also mindful of the hour we have lost crossing the channel.. with a 7 year old who's bed time is about 8-8.30pm.

    Will we be finished by 10.30??? if meal booked at cafe mickey (her bodyclock will say it's 9.30 which isn't too bad...) but will she honestly be able to get up for 7am breakfast next day?? (want to get the EMH in!)

    Other thoughts are Rainforest cafe but know what the line is like and you can't reserve; same also with Annettes which puts dinner even later.

    heeeelp i have no idea how to work that first night so i don't kill her for the next three days!!!
  2. thelittlemermaid83

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    Aug 14, 2007
    I would personally go to Cafe Mickey the day after you arrive as ive heard its a experience you wouldnt want to rush.

    Ive not been to DLRP, going end of Jan so i think there are a lot more people who can give you much better advice :) Happy planning
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  4. FHT

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    Oct 7, 2006
    When we were there in July this year, after the EMH closing at 11pm we got back to our hotel at around midnight (after getting a few bits in the Village :thumbsup2 ). When we got back to the room, the lock was broke & we couldn't get into the room. After maintenance had been & replaced the whole lock it was about 1am. My two kids 4 & 2 were back up & in the hotel pool just after 8am & lasted through until about 11pm the following night.

    I'm sure she'll be fine & have a lovely time :woohoo:
  5. hildasmuriel

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    Jan 23, 2007
    I would also opt for Cafe Mickey on the second night. Just the excitement of being there should be enough to keep her going over the first night - then - :woohoo: - even more exciting the following night - you're off to Cafe Mickey.
  6. DLPdaft

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    Jun 3, 2007

    How exciting for your niece - I bet you can't wait to see her face when she discovers where you are taking her!

    My DD is 6, and I'd agree that it will be no problem at all for your niece to have late nights, and early mornings, while you are there. We were out til well after 10pm and up again for 7.15 (so 6.15 UK time) each morning, to get out and enjoy EMH :goodvibes . You niece will need very little, if any, encouragement to get out of bed when she knows what fun is in store for her!

    Have a fabulous time,

  7. Orion33

    Orion33 Second star on the right and straight on till morn

    Jun 25, 2006
    ah thanks for these it's all very encouraging-I hope she is excited and not underwhelmed by it all, i waited till she was 7 to take her but 7 year olds grow up so fast nowadays and if she thinks it's uncool she'll be on the first plane home :rotfl: I love it!

    i agree i think character meal for end of 1st day in the park/2nd night and am booking a tea party as a present for the family on day 2 and whatever on night 3!

    I suppose pot luck with anettes is best for 1st night or Rainforest cafe-because it's fun!

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