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    Thursday, August 8, 2002

    We woke up around 9:00, and got breakfast at the WL concierge lounge. The offerings here were less extensive than those at the GF – the fruit was mixed into one big bowl, instead of being separated and on a platter. The muffins here were better than those in the GF lounge, though – there were some banana nut muffins that were really good. The view was nice – we sat at a table near the railings, and looked over into the lobby below. It wasn’t inspiring like the GF Castle view, but it was interesting nonetheless. Every morning, there was a tour group below, and the tour leader would always point up, towards where we were. Not sure what he was pointing at… The lounge here was MUCH less crowded than the GF lounge – we never saw more than 3 other people in there, if that.
    We checked out the lobby, which I thought was very “cowboy” – there were totem poles there, and a Crow warrior headdress on display there. Andy thought the lobby was more pioneer than cowboy. I can see where it would definitely be someone’s style; it just wasn’t really ours.
    We left to go to MGM, around 10 am. The bus came very quickly once again – within 5 minutes. When we got to MGM, we had our picture taken in front of the big sorcerer’s hat, than got a fastpass for Tower of Terror and went to play Who Wants to be a Millionnaire in the meantime. We were seated in seats 347 & 346, and right away, they selected a Canadian guy named Wade to be in the hot seat, b/c he ordered the astrological signs correctly. While Wade was answering, the audience could play along, with our answer pads. They put up the audience scores, and Andy was #10 the first time the audience score was shown. I was so excited, because it was a huge audience – full auditorium. The next time they put up the scores, Andy was #5 and I was #10! The man sitting next to Andy was so excited that we were in the top 10 – he kept asking Andy if he had gotten the questions right.
    Then Wade lost at the 1,000 point mark, and they showed the high scores, and I was #5 and Andy was #1, so he got to be in the hot seat! He was wearing his wedding ears (of course!) so they were asking him when we got married, and everyone was looking at us. They asked us when we were going to have kids, and he said, “Hopefully never.” The host asked if I was okay with this, and I nodded emphatically. I think the people around us got a little upset – they started asking me, “Do you really never want to have kids? Why not?” So then I told them that I was a teacher and had enough kids without adding more of my own, and that seemed to make it okay.
    Andy got to the 2,000 point mark, I think, and then was asked a question about who on the punting team received the ball in football, or something like that, and he did an Ask the Audience, since he never watches football. The audience was wrong – they said the answer was Receiver, but it was really the Gunner (Andy and I both thought this was a military term thrown in to confuse).
    After Andy was out, the game was over, and they took him away to a backstage area. So I was wandering around, wondering what I should do and where he would come out. A CM saw me and told me where to go to find him. He won a hat, a lanyard, and pins for each of his different point levels.
    They wouldn’t let us take pictures there, so I couldn’t get a picture of him in the hot seat, and we were both kind of sad about that. It was such a unique experience!
    Then it was time for the Tower of Terror, and the people in line in front of us recognized him from the game, so they were asking to see what he’d won. Throughout the day, people would recognize him, and come talk to him about being in the hot seat. It was kind of fun – he was a celebrity! Samantha, the CM at the Tower of Terror put us in the first row there all by ourselves. We held each other’s hands when the ride was dropping and we got photographed that way, holding hands in the air. When people were looking at photos, they were laughing, “Look at the newlyweds. They did tell you to hang onto what you didn’t want to lose.”
    After that, we got a Rockin’ Rollercoaster fastpass. While we were waiting for that, we went to the tour about Walt Disney’s life, and got to see plans he’d developed for the parks. There was a really cute movie about him, and it was very touching; I got a little teary eyed at the end.
    We ate lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby. When we were seated, our waiter brought us each a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, with a strawberry in each glass. I started with steamed littleneck clams with applewood bacon, which was okay, but I would have preferred the steamed clams by themselves. The bacon just seemed like an unnecessary extra. My entrée was the NY strip steak with mashed potatoes – very rare & tender. For dessert, I had a white chocolate cheesecake with a pointy blue hat like the MGM sorcerer’s hat, with 2 yellow Mickey ears coming out of it. Andy had a chicken quesadilla with a cilantro lime sauce inside, that he thought was very good. His main course was the filet cobb, which was a filet mignon on top of cobb salad, with a spicy avocado sauce, and Texas toast on the bottom. We both added 4 grilled shrimp to the side of our entrees, and the shrimp were quite good – a lot better than the ‘Ohana shrimp, since these were peeled. For dessert, Andy had a shortcake with berries & a light mascarpone cream that he said was very good and not too rich..
    By then it was time for us to use our fast passes, so werode the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, and got right on. A woman in line ahead of us said we were so cute with the ears, that she asked to take our picture. Then we asked her to take our picture with our camera, and she did that for us.
    After that, we went to the Muppets 3-D movie, and didn’t have to wait long for that at all, even though MGM was pretty crowded that day. It was our last day at MGM, which was pretty sad. We had pretty much done all that we wanted to do at MGM, so we left to pick up our picture before we departed. The CM at the photo shop gave us our picture for free, saying it was a wedding gift. Still more Disney magic!
    We then came back to the WL, lay down and watched some Disney cartoons while I filled out our Passporter book. We walked out to the concierge lounge to get some wine & cheese. The cheese selection here was better than the one at the GF; it had 4 different choices, instead of the 3 offered at the GF. There was bbq here, also, but it was very dry, and there were marinated mushrooms, which Andy thought were too tart, and I thought were disgusting.
    We were tired, so we took a nap until 6:40 pm, when that annoying little Stitch woke us up with that gruesome laugh. We got dressed, took the boat to MK, and got on the monorail to the GF. The monorail got to the Contemporary & held there for a while, saying the one in front of us had a maintenance check, and that we would move forward when it was done. It soon moves forward, unfortunately BEFORE the monorail in front had finished the maintenance check. We were halfway to the TTC, when they announced that the monorail in front of us had failed the check, and would have to be towed away. So we sat and waited, and waited, and waited. Meanwhile, Andy and I were both getting edgy, because we were getting late for dinner at Citrico’s. The little boy next to us was scared, because he thought our monorail was broken. While we were sitting there, I saw a deer in the grass below, so pointed it out to the boy’s mother, so that he could see it. We finally moved backwards into the Contemporary stop, and got off there, after 40 minutes stuck on the monorail!
    We took the first bus that arrived, because they all stopped at the Poly then the GF, and got to Citrico’s at 8:30 for our 8:00 seating. Citrico’s was very empty, so we were seated right away, facing the windows.
    I had seared scallops on a crawfish risotto, which was pretty good. I ordered sauteed halibut for my entrée, which was very dry – I couldn’t eat much of it at all. For dessert, I had a lemon cheesecake, but more on that in a minute. I had a Moscato Bianco to drink, which I always enjoy.
    Andy had a pan seared quail on top of creamy polenta. It was very good, but it took a while to make. Hit entrée was duck breast w/ pomegranate sauce on top of corn fritters. Andy thought the sauce was too sour, but I liked it. Andy had the wine flights paired with his meal.
    The table behind us was celebrating 46th wedding anniversary and sent us each over a glass of Moet et Chandon champagne, which was very good after that Fairytale Cuvee stuff that we had in such abundance (V&A’s uses Fairytale Cuvee, too). At the end of the meal, we went over to speak with the man and say thank you (his wife left early). He was a CPA from New Orleans (kind of neat, since I’m originally from Louisiana), and he took his whole family of 14 to WDW for he & his wife’s 46th anniversary.
    During dinner, we had great seats – we were able to watch the fireworks from the window, and I got a little teary remembering the fireworks from the yacht, on our wedding night.
    For dessert, Andy had a mixed berry platter w/ champagne & grand marnier sabayon, and during dessert was when Citrico’s added even more magic to the meal. At the bottom of Andy’s plate, the pastry chef Linda had written in chocolate “Just Married” & on mine was “And they lived Happily ever after”, with chocolate Mickey heads all along the sides of both of our plates.
    After dinner was over, we took the monorail to TTC & got a bus to the WL, which came pretty quickly once again. While waiting for the bus, we met a couple who had been seeing us every day in the parks. It was their 1 year wedding anniversary, and they had stayed in our room, 7084, for their honeymoon, which was kind of neat.
    When we got back to the room, we sat on our private balcony (loved the absolute privacy, which we hadn’t found anywhere else outside at Disney), and just relaxed and talked.
    Next: Parasailing, getting the proofs from Randy, Fulton’s
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    Oh Yikes!! I would not have liked being stuck on the monorail for that long. :( Glad you got off as soon as you did.
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    These food reports are killin' me;)

    Thanks again for another great report!

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