Hawks Cay and Marriott Key Largo,which one ??


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Jul 3, 2000
I need to decide between these and they look so similiar...any opinions?


I read your message yesterday and was hoping you would get a response. Since you haven't, I'll try to help with my meager knowledge!;)

Location in the keys is perhaps the biggest difference between the two resorts. Key Largo is an upper key, closer to Miami, and therefore, I think, more congested. Hawk's Cay resort is further down towards the middle keys. My last trip to the keys was in '98. I've always wanted to stay at Hawk's Cay.

I know nothing about the Marriott resort, but most Marriott's are pretty nice in my book.

May I suggest another forum? If you go to compuserve (www.cis.com?) and find the Florida Forum, post your message in the Keys section. Someone who's a FL native should be able to help you. Sorry about not posting a direct link....there are some things I still have to learn how to do!

Good luck!


Thanks so much for taking the time to help. I've booked my flights so am not panicking so much now although I'm still happier once I've booked accomodation:)

I will try the site you've posted:D

My Parents just returned from Hawk's cay at the begining of Jan and they loved it..
it was a bit breezy but they had so much fun - my dad's company was there for meetings and they could bring their spouses. the rooms were well kept and the grounds well tended and they rented bikes and drove down to the end of the keys.. I know nothing of Key Largo
Hope this helps .. if you have any other questions i can pick her brain for you.. Michelle

Thanks for your advice too:) I booked five days at Hawks Cay after our ten days in Orlando:D Should make a quite welcome break to chill out those last days!



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