Hard Rock Reservation/Deposit


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Jan 27, 2005
This was interesting....

I made my reservation for the Hard Rock over the phone (I think I called the Loews 800 number) at least a couple of months ago. I had to put 1 night's deposit on a credit card.

Anyway, I call yesterday to find out the balance and if I can pay it at check in or mail in a check. She said the balance was something like $1100. (can't recall the exact figure.) The deposit had never been applied!! I said "Well, do I have a reservation??" She said yes, the credit card was just never charged.

I was shocked! :confused3

Has this ever happened to anyone else?



I have been charged a deposit three years in a row when booking at the RP. I normally book thru 1-800-beastar but this year RyGuy told me that if I booked through the website I may not be charged my deposit and I haven't been...well not as of yet anyway! I also booked at the Hard Rock.


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Jul 6, 2000
Every reservation that I have made through 1-800-BEASTAR has charged my credit card with 1 night's deposit within days of making the reservation.

However, my credit card has never been charged when making reservations online.


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Oct 13, 2003
I have started booking online now for that reason. I can make and cancel reservations in a matter of minutes without ever being charge a one nights deposit.


Dec 15, 2004
I just made my reservation online through Loew's website. I was never even asked for a credit card number. I was skeptical but then I received a confirmation e-mail with a reservation number. To be sure, I called Universal's reservation line directly today and gave them my confirmation number. They also confirmed my reservation was all set. Should I be worried?


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Oct 13, 2003
Not if you have a confirmation number for a valid reservation. Sounds like your good to go.


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Jan 27, 2005
Well, I feel better now.

I just don't think I have ever not had my credit card charged when making the reservation.

I've got a reservation number so I am good to go!! :cool1:


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Jul 1, 2003
I have always booked over the phone at the Universal #. I typically get the dates and rate, put it on a 24 hour hold and consult with DH before making final booking. When I put it on a hold, I am typically instructed to call by 4PM the following to confirm with a crdeit card. I am told that my card will be charged for one night at the time of booking. I have done this about 7 or 8 times and have only been charged the one night in advance on two occasions. I recently booked PBH for July and when I got my credit card statement a few days ago, I noticed that I was not charged.


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Apr 20, 2002
I haven't been charged for my HRH reservation. I called to make sure my room was still reserved, and it was.


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Nov 23, 1999
I never got charged for my HRH reservation either but have a confirmed resv. with a credit card hold. We will be there on Tuesday


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Apr 21, 2003
i have stayed at hrh 5 x in the last 4 years.

one time i went thru loews.
all other times i go thru universal.

out of the five ressies, all but one did process the one night deposit on my cc

two years ago, the deposit was not applied. when i checked out, i paid for all the nights. i could have sworn on that trip that i did pay the 1 night in advance.
the clerk at the check out counter at hrh told me that the deposit did not go thru the months before but if i found out from my cc after i get home by chance it did, to call us back and i would be issued a credit immediately.

they were very accomodating over this issue. got home, egg on my face, no deposit charged to me in advanced................

i was told it was the policy to charge for a one night stay when making the ressie but not always does the cc get charged. if many ressies are coming thru on the day you are reserving, many times charges are not put thru but your ressie is marked in their system and valid.

right now, i have been trying to pay for all my nights stay at hrh but they tell me it is not their policy. only one night has been charged in advance for my fall trip.

if you have any questions, please pm or email me ( or list on this thread)
i would love to help you out.
i am a planner and go nuts if i don't have all my ducks in a row way before my trip to orlando.


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