Happy Birthday October Exercise Challenge


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Mar 18, 2015
It has been a rough moth. DD had surgery and we have been exhausted from giving her meds every 3 hour. Thankfully looks like we can start to ease up on those. Before surgery I was so nervous that I was doing great. I will still try to finish the month out strong.

10/7 - 87
10/8 -- 17
10/9 -- 76
10/10 -- 62
10/11 -- 10
10/12 -- 24
10/13 -- 61
10/14 -- 25
10/15 -- 0
10/16 -- 10
10/17 -- 61
10/18 -- 0
10/19 -- 45
10/20 -- 0
10/21 -- 29

Total -- 838/1860


I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

20 minutes yesterday for me (375/520) and we have two color changes:

Congrats to :tigger: piglet1979 :tigger: on turning Occasion Orange,
and to the :figment: Team :figment: on reaching Party Purple!! :cheer2:

I was surprised to find our 10/23 Disney birthday because, though I've enjoyed this artist's work over the years, I never quite associated him with Disney before:


Apparently, he voiced Milo Murphy on the Disney XD show "Milo Murphy’s Law":

and has guest-starred on several other Disney shows:



I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
Good morning on this lovely fall Saturday! (...at least where I am, YMMV.)

25 minute for me yesterday (400/520) and team totals are 6,556 minutes and 56%!!

From http://www.thisdayindisneyhistory.com/ for 10/23/1919 -

Robbins Wolcott Barstow Jr. is born in Woodstock, Vermont (though he will grow up in Hartford). An amateur filmmaker (starting at the age of 12), his 30-minute 16mm film Disneyland Dream (shot in July 1956) was born of a nationwide contest. In 1956, the 3M Company offered free trips to Disneyland to the 25 families who best expressed why they loved Scotch Tape and Barstow's youngest son Danny was one of the winners.

"I first showed the home-edited version of Disneyland Dream to a gathering of neighborhood families and friends, projected on a sheet attached to the side of our house in Wethersfield (CT), with my 16mm movie projector set up in our backyard, on Labor Day weekend, 1956, with me providing on-the-spot narration as the film went along. It proved to be an immediate favorite and became very popular. Over the years, I received dozens of requests to show it to community groups, PTAs, schools, church and other social groups, extending throughout the state, as well as to relatives and at family gatherings. Finally, in 1995, after nearly 40 years, I had the film transferred to VHS Video, for wider distribution, and I recorded the narration on tape. I was then able to have it broadcast over our local Wethersfield Public Access Community Television Channel. When I heard that the Library of Congress was interested in adding home movies to their collections, I sent Dr. James H. Billington, the distinguished Librarian of Congress, a copy of Disneyland Dream, along with a dozen other home movies which I had produced with our family over a period of some 70 years." -Robbins Barstow

Here is that video:
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  • PollyannaMom

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    May 16, 2006
    15 minutes for me last night (435/520) and the team is up to 6,711 minutes and 58%!

    Jumping to June 26th for today's birthday, we have: Wolfgang Reitherman, another of the "Nine Old Men" - Disney Legend and producer after Walt. Here are some bits from IMDb:

    Reitherman directed several Disney animated feature films including: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961), The Sword in the Stone (1963), The Jungle Book (1967), The Aristocats (1970), Robin Hood (1973), The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (1977), and The Rescuers (1977).

    Known for "re-using" animation from older films and placing them in newer films (for example animation of Snow White dancing with the Dwarfs in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937) was reused for animation of Maid Marion dancing with Otto the Blacksmith in Robin Hood (1973))

    And here is the full link, which includes some video clips of of his animation on The Sword in the Stone:

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  • Twilight Sparkle

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    May 24, 2015
    Adding some time. This weekend I went for walks with DH each morning for roughly and hour and then walked around the block a few times each day DD so she could work on walking since that is the best thing with the surgery she had.

    10/22 -- 21
    10/23 -- 38
    10/24 -- 109
    10/25 -- 78

    Total -- 1084/1860
    Hope your daughter heals quickly and that you guys can all catch up on some much needed rest.