Hampton Inn question??

zoe dog

Jan 6, 2001
I've seen a lot of good reviews on these Boards about Hampton Inn Maingate _West_ in Kissimmee. Two questions:

1. Has anyone stayed at the other Hampton Inn Maingate that is at 3104 Parkway Blvd in Kissimmee (Hampton Inn Maingate _West_ is at 3000 Maingate Lane). Is the other one nice too?

2. The Hampton Inn at 3104 Parkway is listed as eligible for a 50% discount thru the Entertainment card (on its website). Does anyone know if the Hampton Inn Maingate _West_ is also eligible?

Not sure. They did have a color discount ad in the AAA book last year which was a decent price I believe. We got our rate off this board under their specials.


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there is the Maingate location, the 1 off of 192, and on in LBV. The biggest difference is Maingate is really new but has double beds. The LBV location is decent and has queen beds. And the 1 off of 192 (on the other side of I-4) is not as good as the other 2 and has double beds. I am sure I have completely confused the issue.


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