Guide Books for Families?


Earning My Ears
Jan 7, 2001
With all this wonderful information on the message boards, I was just wondering how many of you still buy a guide book for families. If you do, which do you recommend?
I haven't bought a guide book recently, but I often borrow them from the library! For families I like WDW with kids from Kim Wiley(I think that's her name)the 2001 version is at my library and you can't beat Birbaums WDW book.
i bought the WDW w/kids by Kim Wiley. It is a great book. It rates the rides with "scare factors" and tells you which restaurants are the most "kid" friendly. I definitely recommend this book.


WL - June 2001
I like the Kim Wright Wiley book as well. I don't like the unofficial guide to WDW with kids. it's basically a reprint of the relevant chapter in the unofficial guide, and it's very negative and suggests if your not the right 'sort' of parent you should just stay home.

I also like the passporter which is not specifically aimed at kids, but has useful info in it.



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