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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Figment2, Mar 16, 2002.

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    Feb 22, 2000
    Here's something I thought I would never post about. I have had guests vacation with me several times. They have been able to check in before me with no problem (same room).

    Last month, however, I was a guest of another DVC member and we were meeting up with another friend at OKW. Maddie got to OKW first and was told "no reservation" even though Mary had added hers and my name to the ressie. When Mary & I got there (which wasn't all that much later but just enough to get Maddie unsettled as she started thinking she was at the wrong resort), the CM read all three of our names off to Mary.

    The three of us are going back to OKW in April however I am using my points. I faxed over my request to add Mary & Maddie to the reservation and received a fax back indicating that "notation was made that guests could check in before me."

    Is this something new? Do we need to make sure this is noted on reservations where our guests get to the resort before us?

    As I said, I have had guests get to a resort before me several times before with absolutely no problem. They just left an envelope for me at the front desk with my room key.


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    If you had their names added already, they made an error of some sort.

    Four or so years ago, I made a reservation for a Grand Villa, I only gave my name and the total number that would be staying. My wife had a work commitment and had to fly down on a later flight. My daughter and I arrived, checked in and even said that my wife would be arriving in a few hours. We took off to the parks, she got to the resort and they wouldn't let her check in. It too several hours and a manager, but they did finally let her in.

    This is a bit longer of a story, but this taught me to add names by phone WAY prior to arrival. I have not had any problem since I began adding all the names to the reservation.

    Again, if you had their names on the reservation, they made an error.
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    Share the reservation number and maybe even a copy of the confirmation.

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