Ground Fault Circuit Breakers

Yes I think so. I know they take the 3-pronged plug ins. Does that mean that they have ground faults?
a Ground Fault are the outlets usually in your bathroom with the little test button and reset button, I honestly aam not sure is the campsites have these. Sorry - I will check next week though:cool: :cool:
Yes, the ground fault outlets are the ones you've described. I was curious because in case I had an extension cord that got accidentally wet in the rain I wouldn't get a dangerous electric shock.:confused:
Three prong outlets are grounded but the ground fault outlets have the test and reset button in them. They prevent accidental shocks in case the electric cord/appliance gets wet/grounded.
oh - then yes, they do have ground fault outlets. There is a reset button.

I always worry about extension cords too, when it rains, but my husband says that we don't have to worry about them - so he must know about ground fault outlets. :D
the campsites do not have the ground fault, they have 30 & 50 amp outlets and 2 110 outlets but no GFC,, at least site 1433 does not...


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