Graduation Dilemma - Suggestions needed!

We're in SE PA and up until 2021, our HS required tickets. We have about 250 kids graduating every year. For many years, graduation was held in the gym and each student got 5 tickets for the gym, and 2 tickets for the auditorium where they would live stream the ceremony from the gym. In 2021, they had graduation outside in the football stadium and things went well, so that's what they do now and students don't have a limit on how many people they can invite. The catch is that if it's raining that day they will potentially delay the start of the ceremony to as late as 8:30 p.m. (currently scheduled for 7:00) if the rain is going to move out. If the rain will be constant during the scheduled time, they will move graduation to the next day...or later...depending on the weather.
That wouldn't work too well at our graduation venue. It's a shared football stadium with 3 other schools. Usually over 2 days - with 2 graduations on each day, but on occasion it's been 3 on one day and the 4th the second. Delaying due to weather would really screw up the schedule since the stadium is also used by other events.
I have three kids. A few years back one had college graduation and one had high school graduation on the same day. In two different states about 2.5 hours apart. My mom and my sister came to the hs graduation in the morning along with me and my third child. My husband and my brother went to the morning college graduation in the football stadium. After the hs ceremony, myself and my two kids drove to the college and went to my daughter’s smaller departmental ceremony where her name was called etc. It was a hectic day but it worked out okay.

I had two nieces graduate this year. Fortunately, they were from the same district so the graduations were held at the same location... and extra fortunately, they were back to back. It was a long day (6+ hours at the venue), but we saw them both. There were no tickets required -- it was in a Big 10 college basketball arena. Between the two ceremonies there were 1,028 graduates. The district runs 4 graduations in the same day: 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm. One niece was in the noon ceremony, and the other was in the 3pm.

My graduating class was 106. It was held in the school gym. We did not have a football stadium (only a multi-sport practice field.) Each student got 4 tickets.
I have a first cousin the same age as me but we live in different states. Our aunt, who had no kids, attended my cousin's high school graduation and my college graduation.
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