Got back Sunday p.m.


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Aug 27, 2001
We left Saturday morning, though not as early as I had hoped, for the MK to celebrate my B-Day. Boy it was crowded! We went on Thunder Mntn. and I asked the girl working if we could possibly ride twice since it was my birthday. She said Of course, but where's your birthday button? Now I've been to Disney for most of my birthdays and have never heard of a birthday button. So I asked what that was and she said Just go to City Hall and ask for one...they're FREE! Knowing that free things are highly unusual anywhere even near Disney, we went to get one. We got to CH, and asked a CM for one and he asked me for my name. I told him, he said, Oh, we've been expecting you! There's a phone call for you. With that, he put a phone up on the desk, said it was a conference call, put it on speaker, then Goofy sang Happy Birthday to me! The rest of the day, any CM who saw my button wished me happy birthday. All these years and I never knew they did that.
Later that evening we parked at the Boardwalk and went to Epcot to see the fireworks. They didn't seem nearly as crowded as MK. After that we had a late dinner at River Brewery Company for an OK meal. I was a bit disappointed with how expensive it was, but the strawberry daqueri was worth its weight in gold!
Sunday we slept in and had a lazy day at the Village Marketplace. when can I talk my DH into going back again? :)


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Feb 7, 2000
Happy Belated Birthday!

Sounds as though you had a lovely trip to the World. Maybe hubby can take you back for Valentine's Day??