Good Inexpensive Breakfasts in the I-Drive or WDW Areas?


Earning My Ears
Dec 9, 2000
I will be staying at the Rosen Centre Hotel on I-Drive and plan to eat a large breakfast outside the parks each day, and still arrive well before the official opening time. Does anyone have suggestions for a good, inexpensive but hearty breakfast (buffets included) which is open at or before 7am? Thanks in advance!
I'm just taking a stab at this since nobody else has replied. I don't have any specific experience but when we were in Orlando last year I remember seeing info for breakfast buffets. Don't quote me but I think one was Ponderosa.

I wasn't seeking the info so it must have been on billboards or on the brochures in the hotel or something. You could request a guide from; that'll list all the restaurants.

At any rate, I don't think you'll have any trouble finding something; Idrive is mobbed with economical restaurants & buffets.
I have never tried any off sites for breakfast but wondering how they are. I know Ponderosa and Golden Corral offer buffets for around $3.99 for breakfast.

We do eat at Shooneys on the way down. It is very good. There are Shooneys in Orlando but I have not tried any of them yet.

Hope we get more replys on this. Maybe try the restaurant board.




When are you going to the Rosen Centre? I am going in the beginning of May. If you go before me, I'd love to hear your trip report of the hotel!

I asked the same question about restaurants on another board, and still haven't had any replies.

I guess nobody eats breakfast before going to the park!!!!

I will be there for 10 days in Feb/Mar. Seems like a lot of people got this hotel through Priceline but no one has stayed in it yet to post a report. I keep hearing how great it looks from the outside though! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

I think eating breakfast before entering the park is a great way to save money and time (don't have to stop to eat--just run on rides all morning!)
I don't know of a breakfast buffet but Cracker Barrel serves a real nice breakfast, which, I think is a great way to start the day!Full of energy and ready to go! I think they open at 6 am everyday. We went there one morning of our last trip and it didn't seem hard to get to from WDW and it sure beat the breakfast at the food court we cost less too.Another appreciated "bonus"...the little plastic cup with cover and straw (came with kids meals) was a real handy thing to have! They have a website .

I go to many conventions on I drive and the breakfast choices are really good. The Golden Corral near Sand Lake is excellent and there is a Ponderosa very near the Rosen. Also you will find an I-Hop near the Convention Center and I believe there is also a Denny's nearby.

Dont forget to take advantage of the character breakfast if you have kids. We did this 3 times on our last visit! :cool:

I'm happy to see some responses!

I agree on eating a big breakfast before we go to the parks, eat something lite at the parks, and having dinner outside of the parks at night. We need to save some money this year, so we are not doing any of the charachter meals on this trip.

I did also find a list of restaurants in the area as mentioned above, Denny's, Ponderosa, Sizzler, IHOP, Golden Corral, and the Rosen Centre also has a restaurant on site that does a Breakfast Buffet.
I know its a strong way to put it, but YUCK. My family went to the Golden Corral near International Drive and I believe Sand Lake. We normally will eat anything, but what we eat it on concerns us. All I wanted was a clean plate. We asked for replacements and got another four dirty ones with gunk encrusted all over them. We should have left when our shoes stuck to the floor wehn we walked in to the place. I'm just glad we are still alive after the experience.

On the other hand, we went to Ponderosa for lunch and liked the lunch buffet selections and cleanliness very much. Sorry, I can't speak for the breakfast buffet.

The Golden Corral was our only bad resteraunt experience during the 10 days we stayed at WDW. Stay away from it for your own sake!
The Ponderosa breakfast bar was very good with a HUGE selection.
Olive Garden used to have a very good breakfast with an omelet station but that was few years ago so not sure if they still do.
We can vouch for Ponderosa. It was clean, the food was great and it was on our way to the parks. The food is delicious, the variety is huge so everyone gets what they want and in whatever quantity they want so everyone left happy and full. Plus, I think the price was around three dollars per person; certainly nothing like it in the parks! Our waitress even made me a rose made out of a paper napkin that I am dying to figure out! :rolleyes:


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