general question about hotel reservations


Earning My Ears
Aug 7, 2002
I called a hotel to make a reservation and was told they are sold out for the dates that I want. Then I went to and was able to make reservations, and at a good price.

How does this work? Are my reservations really valid?

First let me welcome you to the DIS!

Second, certain hotels "block" out rooms for online services such as travelocity, expedia and so on. If you have a confirmation number then yes your reservations are definatly good.
Yes, as Beauty said, as long as you have your confirmation number and stuff you are fine. I have used them a bunch of times, and have never had any trouble!!!

You should be fine, but it wouldn't hurt to call the hotel directly and double check on the reservation... I'd wait until a few days before though, because they may not get the Travelocity name list until a few days before arrival. Also, make sure either Travelocity or the hotel gives you a confirmation number or some sort of confirmation in writting....


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