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    Dec 29, 1999
    Cast of Characters:

    DH 50-something
    DW 40-something (and author of this report)
    Trip: October 17-26 (9 nights)
    Hotel: Shades of Green

    Day 7
    Monday, October 23
    Early Entry at Magic Kingdom. Went on Peter Pan which is one of my absolute favorites. As we were riding along all of a sudden I noticed the “pirate ship” in front of wasn’t moving, but we were! We stopped in time, but had to wait a few minutes and heard the warning to remain in our seats several times. Don’t know what went wrong, but when we exited the ride, there was a technician on site.

    Did Small World and looked in a few shops. Then on to Tony’s Town Square for breakfast. DH has the Lady and the Tramp waffle. I had eggs, bacon, and a bagel. Yum. We enjoy this restaurant very much.

    More shopping. My husband just started working part-time at our local Disney store and was exercising his discount privileges. Seems like we looked in a lot more shops than we usually do. In Tinker Bell’s Treasures we found some large Disney beads for making necklaces. I picked out a small pair of white ceramic Mickey glove beads and thought they would look cute on the ends of the hood ties to my Disney sweatshirt. Husband chose the round disk-shaped Goofy ones. When we got home the Mickey hands didn’t fit my laces and they broke when DH tried to bore the hole larger, so he gave me his Goofy ones. What a sweetheart!

    Next to Uptown Jewelers where I found an adorable sterling silver Cinderella Coach charm that I just had to have. They didn’t sell any chains so I found one after I got home and just love my new necklace.

    Headed over to MGM and hung around until our early supper priority seating at Mama Melrose. We like the food here too. Asked for Debbie, the same waitress we had a few days earlier. Very friendly and helpful.

    DH started with clam chowder and I had wild greens. DH then ordered Lobster Ravioli, which was very good. I had the Portobello mushroom appetizer and it was delicious. It was on top of a soft polenta with a bit of marscapone cheese and wine sauce. Absolutely delicious. Thought we didn’t have room for dessert but of course, had to ask what it was. Once I heard crème brulee, I had to have it. It was a cappuccino crème brulee, which was heavenly. The brulee cup was glued to a large white plate sprinkled with cocoa powder. I managed to finish all of it. DH had the Chocolate Corruption cake. It was okay but nothing special.

    Now time to head over to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater for Fantasmic. We arrived 100 minutes before showtime and the two center sections were already full. So allow plenty of time so you won’t miss this show. It’s definitely worth it. There’s so much going on with lasers, fireworks, and special water effects. I love seeing Mickey in his tuxedo and sparkly silver vest. Almost brought tears to my eyes. LOL I also love the paddle wheel boat with all the characters on board. It’s great to see so many at once. Notice who’s piloting the boat?

    After the show we usually wait around until the crowd clears a bit. It’s unbelievable how many people leave their trash on the floor. There are trash containers s everywhere so I don’t understand this mentality. And then those that climb up the bleacher seats rather than using the stairs after being repeatedly told not to by the cast members. One cast member was repeatedly yelling at people climbing up the bleachers. It must be so frustrating for them. (Okay enough venting.)

    Finally headed out and only had to wait a few minutes for a bus back to the TTC and then got a monorail from there to the Poly. The walk back to Shades is long at this time of night.

    Day 8
    Tuesday, October 24
    Up by the usual 6:15 or so and then walk to Poly for a quick breakfast. I half froze every morning walking over there. Brrrrr!

    Caught a bus out front of Poly to MGM. Had been waiting to do Test Track all trip and finally did. We did the singles line which was great. There was only one person ahead of us. We actually got to sit in the same car. It’s a great ride but it sure does mess up the hair.

    Had a craving for something sweet so we went to The Land food court bakery and I had some very good carrot cake. Just hit the spot. Husband had chocolate cake. I’m convinced all the chocolate cake on property is the same. Just so so, especially when compared to my homemade chocolate fudge cake I make DH every year on his birthday.

    Then we park hopped back to the Magic Kingdom for lunch at the Castle. Haven’t eaten here for a few years so wanted to try it again. Only had to wait a few minutes then got a wonderful table for two near the window overlooking the carousel. That might even be the only table for two in this restaurant as we’ve sat there before.

    We both ordered the sliced beef over puff pastry filled with smashed red skinned potatoes and covered with gravy and a few vegetables. We both liked it very much and just about cleaned our plates. DH also ordered the orange smoothie, which tasted exactly like an orange creamsicle. It was served in the special Cinderella Royal Table mug but the waiter didn’t specifically mention it when we ordered it. However, I remembered from these boards that they also sell the mugs. Actually, if you wish to purchase the mug, you can tell your waiter who will ring it up for you and give you a receipt to bring to the entrance to pick up a clean boxed one. This is the only way you can purchase one. My DH’s grown daughter is a big Cinderella fan so he gave it to her.

    Well, DH’s eyes were bigger than his stomach. He actually ordered the chocolate mousse cake but could only eat half of it, and that’s not like him. We took the rest of it with us. Our waiter was kind enough to offer to take a picture of us as he saw our camera sitting on the table. Then when we were ready to leave he brought us a doggie bag. I asked what was in the bag and he said Mickey straws. He gave us three colored straws in the shape of Mickey heads. I thought that was so sweet since we didn’t have any kids with us. Then again, we were wearing matching t-shirts (like we did each day of our visit; gag, gag) so we were really just big kids.

    At one point in our trip we took a small boat from the Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian. It had very comfortable leather seats and cup holders. I really enjoyed the short ride. It was a beautiful ride and very relaxing. Saw a bride and groom on the Grand Floridian grounds posing for photos. As usual throughout our trip we did spot several couples wearing bride and groom Mickey ears.

    Back to room for a much-needed nap. Shades of Green has a small shop of merchandise carrying their logo, but we’ve never seen a Shades of Green pin. Well this time, they had them. They only had one left so we bought it and were hoping to find more but none came in. Met a very friendly cashier in the shop who used to be a Disney cast member. She actually gave me several duplicate pins she was saving for a little girl who never returned to visit her. I couldn’t believe it. One was a Mickey self-portrait and also a heart-shaped cast member only United Way pin. She also gave us a cast member only badge/button, which was a thank you to the firemen that helped with the fires they had in Florida last May. I really didn’t have much to trade so I gave her a spinner Mickey from the set the Disney Store was selling last year. She hadn’t seen it before so was happy with it.

    After our big lunch we didn’t want much for supper so we headed back to Magic Kingdom and ate at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. They used to have a delicious chef salad here but they now only offer Cesar or Greek Salad. DH had Greek Salad and I had the vegetable soup. Don’t remember much of what we did after that other than probably browse in the stores.

    Day 9
    Wednesday, October 25
    Our last full day in the magic place! Can’t believe how time flies. Again walked from Shades of Green to the Poly for a quick breakfast at Captain Cooks. I used my refillable mug every day and certainly got my money’s worth.

    Went to MGM but don’t remember much of what we did. I did go back on Tower of Terror and got the seatbelt seat this time. It was great. Then we took the boat from MGM over to International Gateway of Epcot to try some of the food at the Food and Wine Festival.

    I started off with the lamb chops in New Zealand. They were very tender and delicious. They served two small chops with a vegetable chutney I think. Then we both had the cheddar cheese soup from Canada. Yum yum. Got to Norway and DH had venison stew; excellent. I had quesadillas in Mexico I think. Loved it. Then DH had marinated artichokes but can’t remember from where. Continued on and stopped at Japan for a Kaki Gori (rainbow flavor). I was just too full so didn’t have one. They are the best snow cones ever. I didn’t get one this trip at all. Can you believe we’re still eating? Then on to the bakery in France. I got a Palmier, which is something like a crispy flaky pastry with sugar on top. Excellent. Husband had his usual Napoleon. These are the best and I love them but they are just too rich for me to eat a whole thing. Unfortunately my DH doesn’t like to share food.

    Finally waddled out of World Showcase to head back to the hotel for a nap and a chance to confirm Tiffany Towncar for tomorrow. We weren’t required to but felt better doing this.

    I’m ashamed to admit it but for supper we went to the Contemporary for Chef Mickeys. (I gained four pounds this trip, and with the holidays coming this isn’t good!) I had prime rib, potatoes, gravy, etc. The food is pretty good and Chip, Dale, and Minnie stopped by our table. While we enjoy the supper buffet, I think I prefer their breakfast buffet.

    Stopped to browse in the stores in the Contemporary. Finally decided to buy the Mickey Toaster we had been eyeing our whole trip. It actually toasts an image of Mickey on the toast. When the toast pops up, it plays the tune of Small World. Back to the hotel fairly early so we could start packing, whimper whimper.

    Day 10
    Thursday, October 26
    Up bright and early as we don’t want to waste one minute of our last day here. It’s tradition that we always spend our last day in the Magic Kingdom. Checked out of our room and put our bags in storage and then off to the Poly for a quick breakfast at Captain Cooks.

    Did a few rides and went in more shops. For some reason we skipped Splash Mountain this year. Either the line was too long or we just didn’t want to get wet. At lunch at Cosmic Rays Starlight Café. They have a terrific stacked (lunchmeat) sandwich and we both had that with the vegetable soup. Back on monorail then walked back to hotel for one last time. We had a different driver this time but I don’t remember his name.

    Got to airport and due to fog in New England many flights including ours, were late. Dozens of flights all morning were delayed. Ours was about two ours late picking us up. The time passed pretty quickly though. It could have been worse. Flight was pretty good, I slept some. Got home early evening.

    All in all it was a wonderful trip but different from our previous trips. We didn’t go commando this time. In fact, we never got one blister or shin splint which is unheard of for us. We spent more time browsing the stores. I would have even enjoyed spending a little more time just sitting, soaking it all in, and people watching.

    Was actually looking forward to going back to work (what’s wrong with me?). Couldn’t wait to put my new treasures on my special Disney shelf at work. It looks so cute and many of my coworkers came in to admire it.

    Thanks for reading. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.
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    Nov 18, 2000
    Thanks for the wonderful trip report. Your hubby sounds so sweet! ;)
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    Thanks for the wonderful Trip Report. :)

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    Aug 18, 1999
    You got the Mickey toaster!!!! I am sooooo jealous! I wanted that darn toaster in the worst way, but we decided not to spend the money on it. Well, I could always ask for it for Christmas! LOL!!

    I enjoyed your non-commando report. Sometimes it's nice to not always be rushing off somewhere, isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing your trip memories with us!


    Beth C
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    Apr 15, 2000
    For those of us who are not going to WDW for awhile (Jan. 2002 for us...ugh!) these trip reports are like gold! Thanks so much for letting me enjoy Disney through you!
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    Thanks for all the details! Sounds like you had a great trip!

    "Everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!"

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    Oct 4, 1999
    thanks for all the reports - I enjoyed reading them. I can't believe how much one can eat when in Disney. I think the atmosphere of the places just make you want to try all the restaraunts! The toaster sounds great - I'll have to keep my eyes open for that (it will drive my DH crazy! ;))

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I got the Mickey toaster for Christmas. Thanks for posting!
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    Thanks so much for posting your trip report...I loved reading them!! :)

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    Apr 8, 2000
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful trip. I am very curious re: toaster. It's been a while since you've been back. Do you still love it?

    We have a toaster curse in my family. Every toaster I've ever owned is bad. Maybe I can convince DH to get one for me this trip!

    ps - thanks for the fun reports! I really like the same t-shirt bit - you two sound like GREAT WDW TOURISTS!


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