FYI Annual Pass Sales Halted


Nov 17, 2021
SeaWorld's Cyber Monday sale for all their parks is very attractive!!!

The Fun Card (does have block out dates) is SeaWorld & Aquatica
now through the end of 2022 for $85. 🐬

The no free parking on the fun card makes it harder for the savings on it with how much parking is, and then figuring out many times you need to go to make getting the pass with free parking. So its not horrible its not as good as it always seem.


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Dec 2, 2018
Oh I completely expect to see travel drops in 2022. Alot of people already had funds tied up in vacations and even if they could back figured they deserved to go and have some fun after a year plus of nothing, but the economy issues are catching up fast for many. Also many aren't really planning future vacation in the same way since there is so much unknown, vacation planning will revert more to last min type stuff based on funds and what is going on.
I won't be surprised to see next summer where regional parks a super busy. I know this past summer my local was busier then it has been in a long time. More families will choose regional parks over places like Universal and Disney. If Disney keeps doing what they are doing at some point it's going have an affect. Word of mouth goes a long way.


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Sep 6, 2003
The no free parking on the fun card makes it harder for the savings on it with how much parking is, and then figuring out many times you need to go to make getting the pass with free parking. So its not horrible its not as good as it always seem.

True and it likely wouldn't be value for locals who go very often, they would be better off with an AP. But for someone who is traveling in only a few times a year, and staying offsite with big savings, it is still a good value.

We traveled to Disney/Universal this summer. No APs for sale so we had to buy tickets. We stayed at a huge 3 bedroom unit offsite for the fraction it would cost onsite. The savings we had made the parking fee a minor cost each day.

And if someone thinks they will go too often, let one person get an AP with parking and the rest the Fun card. We've done that before.


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Sep 18, 2017
The no free parking on the fun card makes it harder for the savings on it with how much parking is, and then figuring out many times you need to go to make getting the pass with free parking. So its not horrible its not as good as it always seem.
That's why we got 1 AP and the rest Fun Cards for my family.

We have Universal Freedom Passes for military families, $200 for adults, $195 for kids, but we pay $27 parking every time we go. But we figured 10 visits would be the break even point to upgrade one to a pass with parking, and we won't go that many times with a 5 year old and 2 year old. It has been an amazing deal regardless of parking though.

I think in the case of Seaworld, the pass with parking would pay for itself sooner though.
Jun 24, 2020
We may still look at a wdw pass when they go back on sale but we're probably going to get a Universal pass. The kids enjoyed it and the water park is way way better than both of Disney's. I still can't get over how Disney is pushing people to their competitor's. Most businesses recognize that keeping existing customers happy is important and worthwhile. Doesn't seem Disney believes that recently.


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Feb 18, 2002
The only way anyone with an Incredipass is blocked out is if park reservations are full. And that is not the same as specified block out dates.
For me, that is just semantics. Except for a handful of days around between christmas/new years where the park admission was suspended due to capacity, unlimited AP could go any day. I think Disney parks are still not running at full capacity but even when they are it has been indicated that the reservation system is here to stay which would mean there are still chances you could be blocked from going to your preferred park.


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May 1, 2014
Why sell AP’s for two months? Why not set a deadline for people to purchase the AP’s?? People planned to give kids AP’s for Christmas. DVCers are planning multiple trips. Geez, they appear to continue the middle finger approach to the customers. It makes no sense. The stock prices has dropped 14.5 % in 2 weeks. That is only 48 billion the company was devalued.

We were planning to upgrade my BIL's tickets last week to AP (it wasn't during the blackout dates), but they wouldn't make an exception (my sister and I have APs). It is unfortunate for DVC members. We have several trips planned over the next year...

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Jul 29, 2021
I bought my first ever AP this year in September, and it has already paid for itself. I can understand that there may be a business reason as to why they decided to pause them. But it was very abrupt. They should at least have given the Disney fans a week notice. Because like a lot of people have already mentioned, these were definitely going to be holiday gifts for either themselves or others. So it kind of sucks that they will be missing out on that piece of magic this year ............. Or even if Disney didn't give a week notice, maybe a 48 hour notice would have helped hahaha.


Jan 22, 2003
Speaking of APs, I haven't seen where the Disneyland AP lawsuit has been mentioned on the Disboards (plaintiff suing because park reservations were full for passholders but one day tickets for the day she wanted were still being sold). Any speculation as to whether this might result in Disney dropping the park reservation requirement?


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May 24, 2010
We acquired a taste for being AP-less over 2021. Being unwilling to spend $$$$ on park tickets we adapted our Floridian vacation habits. Over the last dozen years we have chosen to vacation without park tickets for various reasons so we knew going into 2021 without an AP not bother with tickets to Uni or Busch and, or course, dinner theaters were closed. We chose different WDW resort venues - AK instead of BC in March and SSR for walkable access to the Springs in June. AK we enjoyed a 1Br Villa and did something we've rarely done at WDW = we cooked and hung out in the room enjoying the animals. We learned on our May trip that MYW tickets were more our speed than PH's = expensive lesson. We figured out that we enjoy the WS at Epcot more than the rides which means Genie+ won't be used there. Yes, Disney is teaching us to move out of the box of expected activities and to enjoy what the World and the resorts have to offer.

I do have to wonder if Disney will come to realize suspending AP's is the same as shooting themselves in the foot.


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Mar 13, 2008
PH is Park Hopper, but MYW?
Not listed on the acronym thread at
Thinking Disney My Way but that refers to something different. A resort perhaps?

Magic Your Way (MYW) tickets are an older version of tickets that are no longer sold. They had no-blockout dates and didn’t expire until activated/used. Once used, they expired 14 days from day of first use

Current tickets are now called Theme Park Tickets (1 Park Per Day or Park Hoppers)...which now have seasons and expirations.
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Dec 13, 2010
need better options for DVC!
I agree. My husband and I bought AP’s when we were there in October and we were hoping to buy for our kids when we are there in February but it would be nice if there was something a little bit cheaper. I just keep hoping they resume in 2022 after New Years.


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Dec 28, 2009
Dang it! I won’t be at Disney again until the Spring Surprise RunDisney race at the end of March. I’m a Florida resident but wasn’t planning on buying a pass now. Wondering if maybe I should and hope to upgrade later?


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Mar 27, 2018
Ok, it's officially "early 2022". When do we think sales will resume? Next week, after the folks who traveled for Christmas are SOL for upgrading tickets to APs?

I need to use these for credit card spend and I don't want to book any DVC rentals until I have vouchers on our account.