FW Camper bring bikes or not?

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FW Camper bring bikes or not?
Should we bring our bikes? We were thinking to get to the transportation stations we could ride our bikes. We have nice bikes--do they have a place to lock them up?
posted 04-01-01 09:07 AM

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Tammarie , Yes there are places to lock your bikes at the Meadows trading post, the bike barn, pool, Pioneer hall and down by the lake. We always take our bikes along. It's nice to ride around and check everything out at your own pace.Besides it gives the kids something to do and they can take off on there own and do there own investigating. Have fun.

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posted 04-01-01 09:43 AM

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Definitely bring your bikes. If you ahve room bring one for everyone in the family. We enjoy riding our bikes to the meadows and to the settlement to catch the bus etc. If you don't mind riding your bikes you could almost do without a golf cart.

posted 04-01-01 09:20 PM

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We always bring our bikes! We are not bus transportation type people and I don't like spending $30 a day for a golf cart, so to make getting around the campground itself easier we always bring our bikes.
The campground itself is huge and the chances that you are right next to everything you want to do or need (i.e the pool, the grocery/merchandise store, the playground, the campfire program area, etc.)is very slim. Don't get me wrong you can certainly walk to wherever you need or want to go, but it WILL be a pretty good hike and I don't reccomnded doing that to anyone who is out of shape. You could also walk to the end of your loop area and catch the bus, but again we don't care for them as we are spoiled and always have our own car. Rest assured that each area has a place to lock up your bikes, but the campground seems to have pretty decent folks there and so we don't always lock up our bikes, not even at our own site.
Have fun and enjoy...
Oh yes....bring your bikes. FW is so big that you are going to want to bring them. Plus it's fun to explore around the campground.
We like to ride our bikes over the the Wilderness Lodge too.
Yes, there are lots of places to lock up the bikes. We have locks too, but we have never used them while we were there. But, they do have areas for bikes and you can lock them up to the bike racks.
Nothing goes better with a camping trip than a bike ride, as you well know. And I've visited the FW resort, although we haven't stayed yet. I will be bringing the family bikes with our Bantam so that we can explore the grounds.

I say, bring 'em.


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