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Earning My Ears
Mar 15, 2001
I am staying at the HRH in May for 5 days. I just received my confirmation of my package. It says I get early entry on certain days and FTOL for the first hour of the parks opening. If I get FTOL for only one hour when the park opens it does not seem like just a good deal to stay on site.
Onsite guests get Early Entry, FOTL all day, and priority seating. Early entry is on Sundays and Thursdays for USF and Mondays and Wednesday for IOA. FOTL all day is currently unlimited, meaning you can ride the rides all day without waiting in a long line.


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We never bothered to get up for early entry. The fotl works so great, we never even needed early entry Just flash the card!!!
I had the same concern. My confusion deepened when the HRH staff gave me a booklet stating that the FOTL was good only once per ride.
We rode all rides as often as we wanted. All we had to do was to to the "Express Line" sign, show hotel key, and we were on. We rode Jurassic three times in a row and the attendant just smiled and said, "Back again?" We went from Universal to fight lines at Disney.
I would do it again. WE checked out on the 15th and I wondered if passes would be good then. There was no question.
I was just there. If you are a onsite hotel guest, OTL good all rides all day. Well worth it. We drifted over about 10 and rode all the rides we wanted to when we wanted to.
My first post didn't go through,so I am trying again.
FOTL is wonderful!!! We did everything numerous times. We never even went to an Early Entry day. I think this is a wonderful concept, it makes for a very relaxing, stressfree vacation!!!
It works great for the Citywalk restaurants too!! :)
We will be staying at the Hard Rock in June. You really just walk right in? They don't give you a time to come back like fast pass at Disney?? You can do it on ALL attractions?
To use FOTL, you flash your key at the attendant. If it is OK, he or she will direct you to the Universal Express line. It isn't a walk-on sometimes. I had to wait about 15 minutes once, but most of the time you wait a few minutes.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
Wonderful for those of you staying onsite. I'll be there at Easter and will be offsite. I personally think FOTL once per attraction is quite enough. I can't imagine what it will be like at busy times such as Easter. At Disney they know how many people will be returning within the hour so the wait time is limited. With this method Universal only keep track of the Universal Express and can't possibly know how many onsite guests will be using the facility at any one time. I think this new idea will really be tested on busy days and will prove not to run so smoothly. I think it will be only fair to ALL guests to limit the FOTL access to once per attraction. That's still a great perk.

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Just remember,

Those "pesky" card scanners have yet to be installed at the entrance to the Express lines. These are the scanners that will be tied directly to the Hard Rock / Portofino front desk systems to verify the key is, in fact, authentic for the current day.

These are those card scanners I've warned about that know if you've been on that ride yet today. May also be waiting for Hard Rock and Portofino to update their literature and get the word out to all those people making reservations.


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