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    I recently received a copy of From Screen to Theme: A Guide to Disney Animated Film References Found throughout the Walt Disney World Resort by Brent Dodge. It is available for purchase on

    If you've ever wondered where you can find Aladdin or insert another Disney character or movie reference at Walt Disney World this book is for you. From Screen to Theme is a guide to where you can find Disney animated movie references throughout WDW. It is divided up by movies. Each movie has a short summary in 3 paragraphs in case you have never seen the movie or do not remember lots of details. Each movie is then broken up into parks, Downtown Disney and then a resort category. The references for that park/resort are listed below. There are also fun facts scattered throughout the book to provide you with more information about different areas, attractions or movies.

    So if you wanted to find all of the Little Mermaid references at Magic Kingdom. You would go to the Little Mermaid section, then you would go to the Magic Kingdom section under Little Mermaid. Through the index in the back you could look for all references found at Disney Quest or the Polynesian, etc.

    It is a great new Disney book, that is very informative, Brent's vast knowledge of Disney shines through in this book and he is also working on a Live Action version of From Screen to Theme. If you like looking for Hidden Mickeys you will enjoy searching for the movie references throughout the park with From Screen to Theme.
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    I completely agree! From Screen to Theme is a great book and loved the fact that Brent (the author) actually personalized it for me and my friend! If you don't have this book, you NEED to order it at the from screen to theme website! It is already my favorite Disney book!:woohoo:

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