Four Parks in One Day Notes


Earning My Ears
Aug 1, 2018
Just returned from an 8 night stay (9 park days) at POP Century. I started taking notes on my phone on one of the days in the middle of our trip when I realized how much we were going to be doing that day.

Thursday February 6, 2020

6:15 AM - Took a lyft from pop century to HS to try for ROTR boarding pass.

Park opened at 8am and we were able to get BG 13.

Rope dropped SDD.

Rode Alien Swirling Saucers after SDD and off at 8:15AM.

Made our way to Galaxy's Edge and our BG was called on our walk over there. Entered queue and the ride breaks down while we were in line. We waited around 1 hour and 45 minutes while cast members walked down the line handing out free water and snacks. Line begins moving and we make our way about halfway through the attraction but we are eventually evacuated and given a fastpass to return later that day.

We leave HS and head to MK by bus.

Big Thunder Mtn FP+

Wife has ADR with girls of the group at Cinderella's Royal Table

I have a FP+ for Pirates with my son. FP line was really long so we make our way to the tiki room to let the line die down a little.

After tiki room we ride pirates with FP+

Have lunch at pinocchio village.

Country Bears with some friends to kill time while wife spends 2 hours dining and drinking in the castle.

Meet up with wife and ride 7dmt with FP+.

It was around this point we decided to do all 4 parks since we had to go back for our rotr ride.

Take monorail to EP.

Stop at the land pavilion on our way to the skyliner and ride living with the land.

Make our way to the skyliner and find out it is closed due to really high winds that day.

Boat to HS instead.

Head straight to ROTR and get to use the fastpass line.

Ride ROTR.

celebratory beer and mickey premium bar.

Bus to POP for a little rest before we make our way to AK after hours party.

At pop wife rests, son plays games in arcade with my mom, I have a beer with a friend.

Bus to AK

We arrive around 7:45pm. AH official start was 9pm. we get our wrist bands and head to dinoland.

Ride dinosaur on last vehicle before official park close (8pm)

Walk to everest to see if we can ride before the official 9pm ah start because all of that wind was bringing in a pretty bad storm.

Able to ride everest 4x (son rode 5x) in a row.

Walk to pandora.

ride navi river 1x.

FOP 1x (rest of group rode twice in a row but my stomach brought me back to navi river)

Navi 3x alone

navi river 1x with wife and son after their 2nd FOP.

FOP 1 more time.

Leave AH early around 11:30pm

Bus to POP.

Storm hits just as we get to the room.

15.4 miles walked that day.

Short version...
ROTR 1.5x
EE 4x
NRJ 5x
FOP 2x


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