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hi everyone i am new today! i have two questions what kid rides (5 year old sister) have front of the line advantages? i will take my little sister thru the park, will i have to ride the rides too or just wait for her? also what rides will she want to do that i would like. i am 16


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Aug 20, 1999
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Feb 13, 2001
the first time we went on one fish, two fish, I went in the wrong line (regular) because the express line at the front was empty and roped off and there was no attendant there. After waiting in line for more than 30 minutes, I took my 2 yr old out of line and went back on the carasousell (sp?).. used express lane and waited just until the ride ended. I showed the employee my room key and she let me on before any of the other people waiting in the regular line. Got a few nasty looks! Later I found out that at one fish two fish, the express lane is all the way around the back of the ride....went back there and waited again maybe 2 minutes, and once again got tons of dirty looks from all the people waiting in regular line. We just kept doing these two rides over and over and over again. did not do Cat in the Hat because I had heard that it was pretty rough. Have a great time



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Jan 14, 2000
at 16 you might think it is more corny than sentimental but I loved ET( US istead of IOA). My 3 yr old DD loved it also. She loved every thing in Seuss landing.

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