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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Jen12573, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Oct 29, 2008
    This is my first thread on the Budget Board, because DH and I are heading to WDW again this year in December on an unplanned, unbudgeted trip. He is a full time soccer coach and his team is hopefully playing in the college showcase at ESPN WWoS. Our hotel, his flight and his meals will be paid for except for our first and last night. We will have to pay for the discounted park tickets available through the travel company that we must book through, my flight and my meals.

    That being said, we are trying to save some additional money for the trip in December. Does anyone participate in paid focus groups or surveys that they can recommend to me in a PM? Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks! Jen
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    I would do and swagbucks as my main sites. I like swagbucks because it easy pie. I cash with paypal now. I start back doing Amazon in September for Christmas shopping this year. I do polls, videos,NOSO, swagTVI cash out every week for 5.00 dollars cash every week. I know it's little bit slow but it free money. I have paid for with quickrewards by during surveys.
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    It's really hard to qualify for focus groups. I get called a couple times a month and qualify about once a year. My rate is slightly better for a research center that does hands-on studies -- I've got accepted there three times in a little over a year. No idea about facilities in your area that do these -- google.

    Online, I do Sunshine Rewards and My Points and surveys only at Opinion Outpost and My Survey, but none will far toward really increasing your income.

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