foam sunscreen



I think Banana Boat makes this..a foam sunscreen? Anyone tried it? Any word on if it's good or just makes a mess all over the place?


I miss my Christi-bear. :(

I wanted to BUMP this up because it sounds interesting :-)

I have seen this in the stores but have never tried it. It is just so much easier to use spray sunscreen. I have very fair skin and the higher SPF works perfectly. It is easy to apply and you get an even coat. No mess on the hands and works great for getting the part in my hair covered. I suppose the foam would be better for smaller children who could get suncreen in the eyes if you used the spray.
I've tried the foam sunscreen ( Coppertone makes it in different colors too) and I agree with Sleepy - go with the spray sunscreen if you can. It is so much easier to put on the kids and yourself. The foam is gross and makes a huge mess - gets between your fingers, etc. I told my kids I'm never buying it again. The spray is great. Make sure you get the kind that you don't have to rub in. Otherwise, it's just spray lotion that you still have to rub in.


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