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    Has anyone used there services for infants? What was your experience like? During what time of the day did some of you use there service. My wife and I were thinking of using it during dinner or if we see a show or even if we during a night out at Palo's. I was reading that you can only use them for a max. of 10 hrs for the week. Are they strict about this? Is it difficult to book some times?
    Any advice would help, thanks.
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    Feb 25, 2003
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    We have cruised twice with a 8 mo (2000 and 2004) and we used Flounders almost every night. You can only book Flounders online for a max of 10/12hours. Once you are on board, you can book as many times as you want. If they have room, it's not a problem. We have never had a problem with getting any times for our little ones. The staff is WONDERFUL with them. Everytime we went to pick up the baby, they were rocking themor playing with them or had them asleep IN THEIR PJ's. If the little one would start to cry when we left, they would take them and get them quiet with in seconds! I mean seconds! My kids loved them! As a matter of fact, our son (when he was 3yrs) remembered flounders and wanted to stay with our other daughter who was 8 mo. at the time in FLounders. Even though he could be in the club he wanted to stay in Flounders. Well, they said no problem! Unfortunately we had to pay for him to stay with our little one, but he was happy the staff loved having him.

    Just a little side note, when you send your diaper bag with your child, they will use all, if not almost all, of the diapers you send. And if you place a change of clothes, they will change your child into another outfit or pjs. If you are on a diaper number count, don't put more then 2/3 diapers in the bag. You child will be in great hands, and will NEVER be wet or messy! LOL!

    I wouldn't worry about Flounders! They are the best! Have a great time and don't worry about a thing!
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    They are truly amazing CMs in Flounders.

    We used the nursery for about 8 hours on our 7 night cruise. We booked the total of 10 on-line but when we boarded we changed a lot of that around once we got the actual navigators and realized there were no matinees on our sailing and we wanted her to see the shows. We then shifted to later in the evenings for a couple of the nights.

    They are very strict about the 10 hours prior to boarding, but at the above poster said, you may book more time on a space available basis each day. BUT, you probably will not be able to book more time immediately upon boarding - i.e. load up more slots past your 10. When we came to Flounders the first evening to meet the staff, we were able to change our times, but still not exceed 10 hours. But if we stopped in each day to see if times were available, we could book the times if they were open.

    We found that sea days were always booked solid, port days were not.

    On our 7 night sailing, Flounders was closed from 1pm until 5:30 pm each day. That is something to keep in mind on the longer sailings as I was unaware of it prior to boarding. This affected our Palo brunch time we had booked and there were several days I wanted to place my daughter in Flounders due to the heat and to give her some play time with age appropriate toys and they were closed.

    My suggestion would be to try and at least sketch out your days on board, narrow down a day you would like to do Palo and then when your booking window opens, book Palo first and then go and immediately book your Flounder's time to correspond with that. Then add times in as you see you would use it to get to your ten hours prior to boarding.

    They will have all your times listed out on a sheet for you to pick up at Flounders once you board and at that time you can also make changes and they will print a new one for you. So make it a point to go check it out pretty soon after boarding and lunch.
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    Jun 19, 2005
    Just FYI, they did not have this ready for us in June, but we asked and they wrote our times on the info sheet. We pre-booked 8 or 9 hrs online then
    adjusted on this ship. They were always able to accomodate our requests :thumbsup2

    We used Flounders in the evenings after dinner & for a few hours on our CC stop. They were great w/ DS. And FWIW the pagers work all the way out at Serenity Bay on CC. Enjoy your trip :wave:

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