FL resident tickets...when do they check id?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by scotton, May 21, 2010.

  1. scotton

    scotton Earning My Ears

    Jun 9, 2009
    Do they check your id when you purchase them AND when you go through the gates? How come anyone can purchase them online? How does that work?


  2. BrettS

    BrettS DIS Veteran

    May 23, 2008
    If you purchase an FL resident ticket online you'll get a ticket exchange voucher. When you get to the park you'll exchange that voucher for a ticket and you'll need to show your ID at that time. If you can't produce a FL resident ID they'll let you upgrade to a non FL resident ticket and give you credit for the cost of the voucher.

    At the time you purchase a FL resident ticket (or exchange your voucher) and show ID they'll have you do a finger scan.
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  4. Cheshire Figment

    Cheshire Figment <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Friend

    Jan 12, 2001
    When you purchase them online you get a certificate which must be converted to a live pass at any Park ticket window or Guest Relations Office. Everyone 18 or older must have proof of residency. I have had some people try that at my window and had to pay the difference between what they had already paid and regular (non resident) tickets. I had already stamped the certificates VOID which is normal procedure when doing any upgrade or activation. And if they had asked for the certificates back I would have put notes in the system about them tied to the certificate numbers.

    These are the official rules:

    As of August 20, 2010, Voter Registration Card is no longer an allowed ID
    As of August 20, 2010, Florida University/College Student ID is no longer allowed

    For Part-Year Residents the following original documents are acceptable.

    Note that fax and photocopies are not acceptable, that bills and mail cannot be more than two months old, that PO Box addresses are not allowed, and items related to Time Shares are not permitted.
    Effective August 20, 2010 Proof of Rent, Mortgage or Ownership such as a Deed, mortgage payment booklet or residential lease are no longer allowed.
  5. disneylover1972

    disneylover1972 Earning My Ears

    May 10, 2011
    i was wondering do all the kids have to be at the window to get the passes even if they are under 18 im going to get the tickets for my family as a surprise for my brothers grad and they wont be there at the time so can i still get them they are 17, 14,9,and 1
  6. cptixel

    cptixel Earning My Ears

    Apr 28, 2013
    I'm sorry, but this seems like shady dealings. Why allow the sale online if you're going to later force them to pay an upgrade for not being a resident? It seems like you should check residency at the time of purchase, not when you have them reeled in at the park.
  7. Marionnette

    Marionnette Children see magic because they look for it

    Sep 26, 2009
    Hey! Welcome to the disboards!

    Just a little word of advice, bumping 2-year-old threads is not a good idea. It's a better idea to start a new thread, since zombie threads can contain outdated and useless information.

    However, in this case, the information that Cheshire Figment supplied in 2011 remains in effect. You could purchase a FL resident voucher online but you would still need to provide proof of residency at the time that you exchange it for an actual ticket. There is nothing shady about this. The only shady dealings would be on the part of non-residents who purchase vouchers online with the intent to somehow circumvent Disney's rules.
  8. kaytieeldr

    kaytieeldr Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

    Jun 11, 2005
    How do you propose that be done?

    The shady dealings - and so burden of proof - would be on the part of the purchaser attempting to get around the requirements and restrictions for being eligible for a Florida resident discount.
  9. TheRustyScupper

    TheRustyScupper Seeing isn't Believing, Believing is Seeing.

    Aug 8, 2000
    1) Under 18 do not require ANY identification.
    2) They can be present or absent at toime of purchase and activation.
    3) Many grandparents buy their out-of-state grandkids FL discounted tix.
  10. jc040404

    jc040404 DIS Veteran

    Jul 9, 2007
    :thumbsup2 They do ask you to enter your zip code to access FL resident rates, don't they?
  11. vicki_c

    vicki_c DIS Veteran

    Dec 22, 2007
    That was my experience. When we were FL residents, you had to do that and you couldn't have anything mailed to you unless it was a FL address (this is going back 6-7 years).
  12. fall08CP

    fall08CP Cheesehead

    Feb 13, 2008
    I don't see any reason not to require it at both instances. Why wouldn't you have your ID at the park? Technically Disney can ask for ID at ANY time. I went down with some friends who were locals and they were asked for FL ID even months after activating their passes. One guy left his in the car at TTC and yes, they made him go back and get it. I don't see any problem with this.
  13. Cobern

    Cobern DIS Veteran

    Mar 19, 2013
    Man I was really hoping to leave my ID at the hotel. I have enough things to remember/lose that I thought once we checked in I could just leave it there. Oh well, time to search for a prettly lanyard. Any suggestions?

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