First Time Visitors. Got Any Tips?



My dad and I are heading down to Orlando in a few weeks and we have never been to Universal Studios before. If anyone has any tips, from good rides to good places eat, they would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Chunky: My advice to you: READ THESE BOARDS!
Go to the Trip Reports board and read, read, read. I learned so much that made my trip I'm sure the best it could be, from these boards. They are great!! :)
If you dad has a AAA card... good for l0% discount on just about everything. food, merch. Good food at Confiscos Grill at Jurasic park restaurants at IOA, Hard Rock Cafe, of course. Mels Diner at Universal for burgers, shakes.
My favorite rides, & probably the most popular rides, are Spiderman at IOA & Men in Black at USF - ride those first. I believe that the shows start late morning at USF - ride the rides in the morning, eat lunch, then see the shows in the afternoon. It's good to be seated & relaxing in the heat in the afternoon watching the shows - not all shows like the wild west & the animal show are outside - some like Alfred Hitchcock are inside w/ a/c. Enjoy.
This Chunkymunky. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and advice. I know this is going to be an awesome trip!!!

I think that some of the best rides the park has to offer are Kongfrontation, Back to The Future, Jaws, E.T., MIB, and Earthquake. Also, the Twister attraction is awesome as well as the Nickelodeon tour.

If you like shows and interested in how special effects are done go check out the Gory, Grotesque, and Gruesome Make-up show along with the Alfred Hitchcock attraction which details his style of moviemaking. The Terminator 2 3-D show was great and it was taken from the Arnold Schwarzenneger movie.

I hope you have a great time; Universal is fantastic!


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