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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by hengle, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. hengle

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    Feb 24, 2006
    we are planning on going in july... me, husband, kids 6 & 14. looking to stay at one of the cheaper hotels on site w/ the dinning plan.
    I want to know if the dinning plan is worth the $$ or should we skip it? and also, how much spending money we should take?
    we're driving from OH.
  2. abaldacci

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    Jul 16, 2002
    you will have to make up your mind. We did it last year and liked it. some ? to ask yourself are we big eaters and will we spend more than the amount of money the dinning would cost. for us it is $87 a day for diinning and it would be worth it because we would spend more, your cost would be $38 pp for the 3 adults $11and for child.
    So ask yourself would it be worth it to you at $125a day. another thing to think about is are you kids picker eater and does your 14 year old eat alot.hope this helps pixiedust:
  3. Fionasmommy

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    Feb 1, 2006
    We're doing dining, so I'm planning on enough $$ to cover the extras I already have booked (pirate cruise, alice tea party, CRT, etc.) as well as money for breakfasts and any souvenirs we might find.

    We decided on getting dining because we will be doing lots of character meals, and I'd also like to try out some of the restaurants I've read about on here - like Le Cellier and Coral Reef.

    With Dining, the expense of a character meal dinner and beverage + tax and tip is about what the daily cost of the plan is - so we'll essentially be getting the snack and counter service meal for free.

    When you look at the nice TS restaurants like Le Cellier - our bill there alone would probably be well over the daily price of the dining plan.

    So, for us it's definitely worth it - even with a 4 year old who isn't much of an eater. However, if you're planning on doing mostly counter service meals then it might not be a savings for you. It really depends on what you're planning to eat!
  4. themudd4

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    Apr 24, 2005
    If you plan on eating burgers and fries for every meal, then no, I would not do the dining plan. If you plan on doing at least one TS meal everyday then I would. You have to realize that with the dining option it also includes tax and tip...and you can order what ever you want! So if your 14 year old wants a $27 steak...why not?! Plus you can enjoy the character meals as you TS.

    We decided against it last year, and after we paid over $125 for 1 meal...I wished I would have went with it. Most of our TS meals (me, my DH, DD11 & DS5) averaged $100+ dollars. That was without appts. and desserts. Most of our CS meals averaged $40. For us, I don't think I will ever plan on going again without this plan.

    HAVE FUN!!!
  5. Hopefully

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    Nov 3, 1999
    Welcome to the DIS!!!! You will find lots of great information here.
    Check out the menus on This will give you an idea of the types of restaurants and counter service meals available, as well as the cost of food so you can budget. Food is expensive at WDW!!! Using these menus you can also decide if you think the plan will work for you.
    As others have said, a big factor is if you will eat primarily CS or if you will do a TS each day. TS can be used for character breakfasts or dinners, or any sit down restaurant that participates. Remember, TS meals take more time, which will cut into your park touring time if that matters to you.
    In October we, 3 adults, used the plan. We had a nice TS dinner each day. I saved all of our receipts. We saved $450 over the cost of the plan. For us it was perfect.
    Good Luck in your decision.
    Remember that the Dining Plan has allowed lots more folks to eat at TS restaurants than in the past. They are now busy no matter what the season, so if you decide that you want to eat at a sit down restaurant, whether you choose the dining plan or not, you will need to make ADR's.
    Have Fun

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