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Jan 17, 2019
We used Disneyland Express in 2016 and it was fine. It was part of a vacation package through Alaska Airlines, and pick up was reasonable, the bus was clean and the kids loved that it was Disney themed, they had Disney videos playing and our drop-off was in the parking lot of our hotel. Obviously things can change, but we are a large family (6 at the time), and I didn't want to deal with UberXL. We are 7 now, and I'd do shuttle over uber or lyft just because of how big our group is. If it was just me, I'd probably go with Uber.


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Jun 3, 2011


Jul 23, 2012
For those who have used Lansky, or other service, how far in advance have you booked? Will be arriving May 29, and was going to wait until the 60 day mark.
If you already know your arrival date and time, is there a reason why you need to wait to book? I would go ahead and book now. Then, if something comes up and you need to cancel later, you can do that.


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Aug 19, 2017
I liked Disneyland Express when we used it in 2018 (to DLH), but one of the main reasons we used it was no car seat was required (also, kid was free with paying adult). With essentially four adults going to GCH, I think Lyft would be the better option value-wise.

In terms of food, if stopping at an In N Out is not in the cards (seems easy to add the stop and have your Lyft driver take you there-beware the wait), there's always Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney (send someone in your party to go pick up sandwiches/chips while you check in).


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