first time Dis cruiser - 3 night - general questions - please help:)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by WendyLovesPeter, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. WendyLovesPeter

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    Jan 19, 2007
    1. I think I can check in online from home - when should I do that?

    2. Any place to do laundry (only if I absolutely HAVE to)

    3. I am nervous to set my teen free unchaperoned - I watched the Cruise DVD - it said "no parents, only teens" at the teen club. I'm not satisfied with this - I feel the parent should be able to check in (not stay) & check out the situation at any time.

    4. How dressy to dinner? My daughter & I are not dress people. We prefer slacks. I am assuming this is fine..... this is how it will be. How about boys - I am assuming khakis are fine..... this is also how it will be.

    5. A.C. in the dining room - is it freezing in the dining rooms?

    6. We have late dinner sitting? Will we have time to see the shows on each night - I am assuming they accomodate the early and late diners with multiple show times.

    7. I read through a thread about having a pillowcawse signed - cool idea. We are only a 3 night cruise though. I like the idea of the photo mat also. When and where do I drop this item off?

    Thank you SO much - 1 more month - then we're off to our first Dis cruise. I'm already looking forward to the next. I keep telling my husband what a GREAT time our family will have.:woohoo: :banana:
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    Enjoy your cruise, I am sure you will LOVE it!:goodvibes

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