First time calling to reserve BWV and a bit of a surprize

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by tigger2esq, Feb 10, 2003.

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    Oct 18, 2000
    As a fairly new DVC owner, this morning I had my very first experience calling MS to book our DVC vacation at BWV--our very first official trip home. (on our first trip last year DH called and it was at OKW on short notice). Anyway--we wanted to book a 2br and a studio (both standard view) for a long weekend next January for marathon weekend. I figured with the timing of New years being the previous week it wouldnt be that big of a deal. Of course I also FORGOT that this morning was the first date for me to call (day by day) to book the ressies so I didnt start calling until about 9:40am. It took me several tries to get through and I was surprized to learn that while they had a standard view 2 BR available they only had preferred view studios left. I booked it anyway because the difference in points wasnt all that great, and as it looks currently --we may only end up needing the 2BR. (I decided booking part of it and waitlisting for the rest just wasnt worth the hassle if we were only going to end up canceling the studio anyway...) Since I would consider January to not be a very busy time at all at Disney I cant IMAGINE what you all go through trying to get Xmas or summer reservations!!! (note--the CM was VERY nice explaining the process to me and how they would not send a confirmation until they "close out" my ressie after i call for the last night later this week...) Overall it was a pleasant experience--but next time I wont ASSUME that standard view rooms will be available--no matter WHEN we travel!! LOL! --I guess the funniest thing was when she asked how many would be staying in the 2BR and I said 4 adults and 1 child--and when she asked the age of the child--she laughed when I said "she isnt born yet!!!"
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    There aren't many standard view studios, so they go really quick. The marathon probably brought out some long weekend folks.
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    Christmas and Easter aren't really that bad, usually, unless you have very fixed ideas of what kind of rental you just have to have. Usually, if you are willing to do two studios instead of a 2 bedroom, or a one bedroom instead of a studio, then there isn't any problem at all. As a matter of fact, I just called about adding two nights to my ressie at Easter, and they had the nights--of course, they were Friday and Saturday (high points nights), but Easter can be crazy sometimes, so I was surprised.:crazy:
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    The standard views at BWV go fast especailly the studios. One thing you can do is keep the current studio reservation but get on a wait list for a standard view and if it comes through MS will just change your reservation and put the saved pts back into your account. You have a lot of time before the trip, I would not be surprised if the standard view does come through with the wait list. Good luck! You are going to love BWV, it is a beautiful resort that is so conveniently located to parks, restaurants and night time activites.
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    We called today also for BWV ressies. We are taking my family for a week starting January 9th next year and need 2 - 2 bdrs and a studio so we also decided to call everyday. I had forgotten about the marathon so I was glad we did.

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