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When should I get married so I don't get seasick..due to big waves?

  1. February..ahh, the month of love!!!

  2. Labor Day to Pre-Thanksgiving..Nice to "fall in love"

  3. Early June..think no kids, no crowds (yeah right!)

  4. December...Decorations are beautiful

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  1. weich1001

    weich1001 Wendi

    Jan 7, 2008
    Just fresh off our first ever cruise...to be exact the Dec 17th one...Overall we all loved it!!! Yes it was rough and both DD and myself got seasick on the rough water the first night. Not being able to dock at CC was a big disappointment but we thought Disney did a great job of adding things to do on the cruise.

    Long story short, DBF proposed while at HS and we met with DFTW etc...while we were down there. But since coming back and looking at the Dream being built...now we are considering getting married on a Disney cruise...all be it we would have to wait until 2011. :thumbsup2

    But when would you recommend would be a smooth sailing...
    -I'd love to get married in February...just something about the "Month of Love" is neat
    -Sometime in the Fall...yes, there's always that potential for a hurricane, but it seems people generally like that time frame since it is cooler
    -Early June...before all the kids get out of school..but isn't it really hot there then?
    -December...ohh December...loved the decorations on the boat but not sure I want to be seasick and saying I do...hopefully we just just encountered a dose of bad weather...

    But what's your thoughts?
  2. tjbaggott

    tjbaggott DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2009
    Although Feb. would be nice, I'd personally go for October or November. Though I've never sailed in February, I've heard too many reports of cool water, not being able to dock in CC,(Dec and January too). I prefer sailing the end of October or early November. Though on the last sailing at that time, the waters were rough in the Florida area, so first night and last night I did get sea sick (the onboard medicine worked great for that), the rest of the time was Perfect! :)
  3. Tneah

    Tneah Mouseketeer

    Dec 15, 2008
    I sailed in both those months. I prefer October. Love the temp and weather.
    Another reason is that flying to get on a cruise in February is stressful. You never know if the weather will delay you. Temps, in February are very nice, but 50/50 chance of warmer water, but i remeber it being very windy. The seas were fine. October was rougher on one night, but the meds helped. I felt fine.

    I noticed you are from Pa. I am, too. Last year, this same day last year we left for our cruise. If this huge snowstorm we are having now happened last year we would have missed our cruise. All flights from PHL were cancelled this morning. Last Feb. the snowstorm came a few days earlier than our departure and then, there was huge storm on our return. Historically, Feb is not a good month up here (northeast) to plan and to fly out.
  4. weich1001

    weich1001 Wendi

    Jan 7, 2008
    Good point about February...with every airport near us closed yesterday...it could make flying a major headache!

    When we went to Disney in mid-September, 2008 we couldn't have asked for better weather...warm, sunny, a couple time looked like rain but it passed over. My big concern duirng that time is it's during hurricane season. The only other big issue with Fall is both kids are very active...Erika in Cheerleading and Austin in Football and that eats up alot of time.

    I don't know. June looks tempting because then they'll have the 5 days cruises and the kids will be out of school. But it's just so dang hot down there then.

    And December, we loved the decorations and the characters were all in their Holiday finest...but if we had another cruise on rough seas like the Dec 17th one...I'm afraid the trip would be ruined...I know the mothers would be spending time with the ship's doctors and the dad's wouldn't be happy either as both sets of parents are elderly. And for that matter I wouldn't want to be seasick and trying to get married.

    Thanks for your opinions--keep 'em coming! :confused3

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