Favorite Pre-Race Disney Restaurant?

I usually arrive on Wednesday. On that day I always go to Frontera. Then for Friday or Saturday lunch it's off to Via Napoli. The night before the half I just eat something light in the room.
I'm going to follow this thread for ideas because as much as I have favourites post-race I don't really have any pre-race ones - really depends on which park I'm in the night before.

Pre-race in the morning- the Toasted food truck is my favourite!
I admit I'm lucky and can eat almost anything the night before. Last two years I had an early dinner at Flying Fish before the HM and loved it
DH usually brings food from home-spaghetti or macaroni and cheese. Or, if he forgets and it's big race (like Marathon weekend), the QS at the hotel sometimes offers a "runner's kit"
I prefer to eat something quick and simple the night before. Last year it was a sandwich and breadsticks from the resort QS. Since the races are so early, I prefer to be at the resort and relaxing by 5 so eating dinner elsewhere doesn’t make sense.

If you want a big pre-race meal, I’d suggest planning a breakfast or lunch.
Using Marathon Weekend as an example (with multiple Dopey runners), our plan is to have our last organized meal before each race get earlier and less adventurous as the week progresses. We plan something for ~5 PM before the 5k, ~4 PM before the 10k, ~2 PM before the Half and ~1 PM before the Full. We have fairly benign things like ramen, noodle soup, uncrustables, etc. to snack on as the day goes along, if needed, but the earlier times give us plenty of leeway to get to sleep on the schedule we’d like.

We will do pretty much anything for Wednesday/Thursday but look for brunch type offerings for Friday/Saturday since those tend to be pretty safe and have plenty of carbs on offer (not looking to carb load per se, but it’s nice to have that option). Homecomin’ is a crowd pleaser for the latter part of the week, but really it’s more about being careful with what we order than picking a specific place.


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