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Plan Man

Mar 31, 2001
Tell me your special memories of FW and then tell me what loop and site you stayed on.
I cant begin to list my favorite or most memorable memory from FW. Each time we are there, it is just so magical. Some days my DH and kids would rather just hang out at FW than go the any of the parks. We love to ride around on the golf cart, visit each of the playgrounds, stop at Meadows Trading Post for ice cream, visit the petting zoo. Each of these things are special to me because they are making magical memories for my kids.
We have stayed in cabins in loop 2700 and 2500 and most recently stayed in a home in the 2600 loop. We loved each of the places.
I am more adventurous and would like to visit other resorts, but my family will not discuss staying anywhere but FW.:bounce:
I have so many great memories but one that stands out is: My DH and I going out in the golf cart one night to go to the store. We got to the store OK but we couldn't find our way back to the cabin. We got lost for an hour and a half. It was very funny. Atleast we can look back and laugh at it now!
Like everyone else, I have many memories. Off the top of my head I'd have to say Crazy Bob from my first trip in '73. Crazy Bob drove one of the trams [remember when they were in FW?] and he'd sing Disney songs while he worked. His specialty was "Zip A Dee Do Dah". The thing was he worked the nightshift and the parked closed at a reasonable hour back then [1am unlike the awful 10pm they are talking about for this summer] so you could hear Crazy Bob's singing well into the night. We liked him so much we would often refuse to get on the tram unless it was driven by Crazy Bob. The next year we asked about him and the driver rolled his eyes and said "Shhh". Guess while some liked his singing others didn't and he was terminated. Gone but not forgotten almost 28 years later.

Mine's a golfcart memory, too. In the summer, it traditionally rains in the afternoon. We call it the 3:00 rains . One day, we (all 7 of us-the kids were little back then) went to lunch at Trail's End . While we were there, it was a total downpour . :eek:

It rained so hard and so long that we had to travel back to the cabin. It was so funny riding through hot, huge raindrops with puddles like lakes . We had a ball. :jester:
Every trip is memorable, we seem to have many "griswold" moments [No Offense Camping Griswalds:D :D ], probably the most memorable would be the time the tree branch fell THROUGH the roof our nearly new camper, we had just returned from the pool, it was not raining but very windy, Most of us were outside at the time, we heard a loud thump on the roof - did'nt think anything of it at the time until my sister entered the trailer, she was afraid to say what happened for fear of how I would react, so she called my other sister, this was a fairly large branch pierced through the roof like a tooth pick through a sandwich.

I did keep my cool, knowing rain was iminent i wanted to get the area water tight quickly, so sis went to get help, she stopped a ground crew member, he came over and tried to pull the branch off the trailer thinking it just landed ON the trailer, I asked for a ladder and some plastic, he left and did not return, so off sis went to get help again, she used a house phone and dialed 911 for what she felt was an emergency,

This is when the circus started, we had white security vans, cars, golf carts, trucks, everytype of disney vehicle you can imagine, the loop was full of vehicles our site was FULL of people, and it was now raining, by this time the fire truck arrived [We never reported any injuries] sis stated to the operator we need assistance and a ladder, plastic and duck tape, meanwhile everyone who came had to go inside the trailer to see the damage. It was a full blown circus - i wish we had charged admission to the camper:bounce:

The crowd slowly dispersed to a few cast members who removed the branch and patched the hole on the outside very nicely - No Leaks great job,

the best part was we got site of the day the next morning, something we had wanted for quite some time.
Which just confirmed that it does indeed take an act of god to get site of the day:p :p
The first time we stayed at Fort Wilderness (2000 loop?) was 1976. I still remember taking the launch to the MK as my favorite memory, watching the electrical water pagent from the Ft Wilderness beach and taking the train (now gone) around the campsites.

I think of all the wonderful memories, my favorite was on our second trip. My two oldest children had gone to the parks alone. Our dd who was then 11 and ds ,5, dh, and I went to the campfire. Our ds who had a severe speech impediment and was quiet around people he didn't know went up and instead of standing in front of the stage and singing along got up on the stage and sang and danced. He was so proud. We were astounded.
Plan Man, For me it was during our first trip to FW this past Spring Break. DS and I had watched the Electrical Water Parade at the beach area of the Marina. DS got sand all over himself so before I would let him get in the tent I sent him to the comfort station to shower. We had talked about going armadillo hunting. Wouldn't you know it, while DS was in the shower an armadillo walked right in front of me, across the sidewalk, and down into the woods. DS missed the whole thing! That was too funny!!! We did end up spotting a couple more the next night. But if you ask me, "armadillo hunting" was pretty exciting for city folk! :D TC
We will be making our 1st trip in Oct and just reading all these great post about your best memory has made me even more excited about our trip!

Thank you for posting your favorite memory!

Our first trip is the 1st of Oct. too I am sooooo excited reading all this info......
We just got back from our trip last week. We took 36 boys and 10 chaperones who had never been camping anywhere before.

The funniest thing that happened was at 2:00 am in the morning. A lady and her daughter who were camping a few sites away walked to the comfort station to go to the bathroom. On their way back they heard a noise from one of our tents that scared them so much that they were afraid to pass. They went back to the comfort station and called security telling them that we had smuggled a rotweiller dog into our tent and he was growling at them.

Well, security came out and searched the tent only to find that it was one of the chaperones snoring!!!!!

She came by the site the next morning and apologized. We all thought it was pretty funny.
:earsgirl: I guess one of our best memories was this past Christmas. We were eating at Crocketts Tavern on Christmas Eve and were told that Santa and thew characters would be coming by soon. A few minutes later Santa,Mickey,Minnie,Goofy and Pluto all came by and since there were only a few guests around everyone got a great chance to have a lot of time with all of them. It was great!!!! There were probably only 8-10 kids around so our DD was able to talk to the characters and pose for several pictures without being shooed off or pushed around by other kids.
What a nice thread! I came over to this board because I have been thinking about how much fun it would be to hang out at FW...

Our DS is just 7 months but we are already can't wait for when he (& any others?) are old enough to go camping at FW. We've never stayed there but both DH & I loved camping with our families & now with each other. And of course, we love Disney!

When we visit this Fall we are planning to spend time over at FW to check it out!
We drove down to Disney from PA. After a 9 hour drive on day 2, through unbelievable traffic (is it just me or do cars who are not towing a camper like to cut in front of you and hit their brakes :confused: ). Anyway, we go to FW, got all checked in and set up. DH insisted on washing the camper since we had driven through alot of snow and it was covered in salt. We ate a fast dinner and headed down to Bay Lake to see the fireworks from the beach. As we were standing there, a boat was docked and we started to talk to the captain. He asked if we were waiting for the fireworks and we said yes. He told us to hop in the boat...they would be going off as we were crossing Bay Lake. We could get off the boat in MK and take another one back. I didn't think we could since we didn't have any tickets with us, resort ID, or even a wallet for that matter. He assured us no one would mind and to hop in. Crossing the lake was so peaceful at night, then the fireworks lit up the sky! It was such a magical time. After all the planning I did for that trip, this piece of the unexpected was one of the most magical memories!
There are two that come to mind. One was one of our first trips with our own kids and we were still tenting. We had been at the MK and were on our way back to our campsite, it was pouring and there was severe weather the bus driver said we could ride it out on the bus, but we were worn out. Went to our campsite to find our canopy on our tent had filled with water and the whole thing had collapsed. Talk about wanting to get back on the bus!

The other is we were riding in our golf cart with our then 5 year old, all of a sudden he starts screaming and jumping around between us. Somehow a frog had jumped and landed on him. We still laugh about it to this day.
Our favorite memory was this past Dec. We were staying in FW for ten days from 12-9 to 12-19. We had bought our tickets for MVMCP months in advance.
Of corse, it had to rain, and I mean DOWNPOUR the night of the party! We made our way to Crocketts in the rain, then waited for it to slow down before heading over to the marina. When the rain finally slowed, we got on the boat for MK. Everyone on the boat was drenched and quiet. Our friend starting singing xmas carols, and everyone started singing along! We had a blast. By the time we got to MK for the party, the rain stoped. It was like the weather cleared just for the party. We received our free picture from the party, and we all look drenched, but happy!;)
We were camping at FW in a borrowed TT for our first EVER camping experience. This was to see if we liked camping enough to buy a camper. My sister-read very prim Librarian-had gone out after dark to get everyone drinks from the cooler. Suddenly we hear $#@* and see her launch herself onto the picnic table! After we all finished dieing laughing, she explained that she had seen a pointy brown nose pop out from under the trailer. Her first thought was, "Oh, it's the dog." Then she remembered that the dog (Gunnar-a corgi) was in Tennessee!! She had met an inquiring raccoon--up close and in person!!!

We still tease her about her language in front of a poor raccoon!!

1 week to go!!!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
We've been staying at FW since 1984. Each trip to WDW includes as many family members as possible and many good memories exist. Probably one of the best, however, occurred in 1998.

My brother and I had taken a break and gone to River Country. While we were there, the typical afternoon rains came through and we decided to ride out the short down burst at the waterpark. However, we soon discovered that this particular rainstorm was far from typical as it continued to gain intensity (and eventually began raining horizontally!). We were in our swimsuits, so we decided...what the heck, we're already wet...there's no lightening...let's just take a leisurely stroll through the campground!

I'm sure everyone who saw us thought we were completely insane! There were people huddled up on the porches throughout the settlement, under awnings, at bus stops...believe me...this was a MAJOR rain storm...everyone else had taken shelter. But there we were strolling leisurely about and chatting as if the sun were shining!

By the time we made it back to the campsite, the sky began to clear, so we cleaned up and were ready for the next big adventure with the rest of the family!

:crazy: :wave:


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