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Sep 20, 1999
This is basically a reply to the Studios wish list post but it was so long I figured I'd start a new thread.


Here are the rumors I have heard/collected as to Studios additions over the past few years. This is every little thing I could think of that I have heard.

- GMR replacement
- I have heard numerous times that it would be an EMV (like Indy or CTX)attraction based on the villians. However the more I think about it the more I realize that these rumors always came from little unimportant people like myself.
- I have also heard that it will be a EMV attraction but not as violent as Indy or CTX. It would continue as a spectacular journey INTO the movies as it is now but would feature many many more films in smaller scenes. (The EMV ride vehicles size allows for this) It would include special effects and detailed animatronics to make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action of some of the greatest films ever made. (hehe) I would love to see this attraction.

- The ABC TV Theater
- First I have heard of a updated version of Superstar Television making a return.
- Also I have heard that there may be long term plans to move Playhouse Disney to the ABC TV Theater
- There were also rumors about a show featuring all the Disney Characters in some sort of revue. However I believe that this rumor turned out to be Philarmagic or Cinderella's Surprise Celebration (the new castle forecourt show). It was supposed to be for the 100yrs celebration so I wouldnt be surprised if it was the castle forecourt show because it often happens that parks battle it out over who gets certain attractions

- Star Tours
- The update for the attraction to make it fit with the prequels has been floating around since episode I was released. All I can say is that it will definitely happen...eventually. The film will alter your destination from Endor to Tatooine. As proven by the new Tatooine Traders (which is sooo much cooler then endor vendors). The reason that the rest of the facade (the ewok village, etc) was not alter is because the rest is all part of Attractions budget while the gift shop came from merchandises budget. Merchandise went ahead with their project expecting attractions to follow suit but there is some kind of hold up. I have heard times from the film as early as fall to as late as when the prequels are complete. The new ride is also expected to feature more in cabin effects and may be a 3D film. There was a complete maintenence refurb on all the Star Tours ride vehicles last spring supposedly to prepare for the changes but they never materialized.

- It's A Wonderful Shop
- One of my favorite places to work is being taken out of my area. It's A Wonderful shop will be moving to Once Upon A Time's location on Sunset Blvd to allow it to expand. (Boooo we are dead enough in this section of the park without them taking away one of our best draws) Currently no plans exist for a replacement for "Shop" but the home and kitchen items from Once Upon A Time may be moved over here.

- Residential Street
- Rumors have been flying for 2 years now that residential street will be removed to allow for a major new e-ticket attraction. I have heard a whole gamit of things ranging from Villians, to flying coaster, to Armageddon. Who knows?

- Soundstage 1
- Rumor has it that since the Studios Production company was spun-off into a separate entity that when Sheena's contract is up that Soundstage one will become home to a new dark ride. It will be a kid-friendly sort of attraction since the big problem at the studios is the little ones not having enough to do. They cant go on the big kids rides and they dont have the attention span for the longer stage shows.

- Mermaid
- I believe Mermaid is currently down for refurb to replace the lasers and some other show effects.

- Playhouse Disney
- If playhouse Disney moves to ABC TV Theater then this soundstage may become home to another classic style dark ride.

- Art of Animation
- Just as a note, Lilo and Stitch was completely produced at the Florida Animation Studios.

- New Sunset Blvd attraction
- I have heard that something may go in the empty space between Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic. Some things I heard are: dark ride, villians dark ride, restaurant, play area to entertain the little kids while the big kids hit Tower and Coaster.

I think thats everything!
Feel free to add if you have heard anything different.
But what if any of these rumors do we think will come true??? With wdw showing a unwillingness to spend their own money and more concern with milking the park's cash cow im pessmisstic they will do much. Of course i hope im wrong or hope sponsers can be found to pay for the improvements. But it is a very interesting list!!!!
An excellent summary, Mr. Show.

As I understand the rumors, WDI is putting together a large pool of proposals for each park. It’s kind of a last gasp of creativity before WDI goes away and is meant to provide each park with projects that can be quickly turned on should the needs arise. Which of these projects that will be built (or any at all) is a matter of corporate decision making.

In the case of the Disney/MGM Studios, the goal here (again as I hear the rumors) is to completely abandon all production at the facility and to become 100% theme park. There’s incredibly little live action production that happens now, and there are very strong rumors that the animation group will close once ‘Lilo and Stitch’ is finished (there’s not much left of Feature Animation in Burbank either).

Taking out the backlot and the soundstages opens up a lot of land for development at the Studio.

Originally posted by Another Voice

Taking out the backlot and the soundstages opens up a lot of land for development at the Studio.

While this eventual gravitation to being all theme park would be great if it were to happen, we would lose the true purpose of the park - a real working studio. I'm suprised that they haven't taken down the "Production Information" sign at the entrance of the park yet since it makes no sense to have it now.
Sheena Queen of Jungle currently films at the Studios and we host numerous other productions during the course of the year. For example we have hosted National High School and College Cheerleading and Dance competitions, National Jump Rope Championships, the Rosie O'Donnell show, Regis and Kelly, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and various Disney television specials and concert.

All of these productions can be continued with the exception of Sheena if the production buildings are removed. The Studios owns a television production truck (like the one used at the super bowl) that can provide all the support neccesary for the smaller scale productions. The production services buildings are quite extensive and expand beyond the soundstages.
Originally posted by OnWithTheShow
Rumor has it that since the Studios Production company was spun-off into a separate entity that when Sheena's contract is up that Soundstage one will become home to a new dark ride.

Just out of curiousty, just when is Sheena's contract up? I'm not quite so sure I like the idea of abandoning production, but I'd love to see a new dark ride in WDW.

Both Universal and Disney had great expectations about the doing real production work at their studios. Disney/MGM was built with the intention of having two features and three weekly television shows in production year round. In the beginning, they were actually a few syndicated shows that tried and Disney leaned VERY heavy on ‘Golden Girls’ and ‘Home Improvement’ to move their shows to Orlando. Disney even went so far as to produce that old “Walt Disney World Inside ‘n Out” just to prove to Hollywood that the facility could support a weekly television show (pushing WDW on a weekly basis was a golden benefit too).

The problem was that the Canadian government had the same idea as Disney and Universal about setting up a low cost alternative to Hollywood. And Canada had two things that Orlando couldn’t offer – massive tax breaks & kickbacks and a three hour plane ride (in the same time zone). Hollywood moved north to Vancouver instead of east to Orlando.
And i liked wdw inside out. It was corny but was nice to see the parks and i thought it was bad that it was canceled.
Originally posted by Bob O
And i liked wdw inside out. It was corny but was nice to see the parks and i thought it was bad that it was canceled.

Bob O, this may be one of the few things we agree on. We loved WDW Inside Out. We mis it. It was a positive propaganda and we felt it was informative as we looked into our next trip.


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