Excursion ideas for group of 20+. (St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, and Labadee. )


Dec 29, 2007
Looking for an idea for a group excursion that we could all go on together. Primarily adults in their 30s/40s and tweens. A few teenagers, 2 grandparents, and one pre-schooler. :) Anyone have any recommendations? We cruise mid-Jan 2019.
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Feb 16, 2014
You don't really need an excursion in Labadee, though with a group that size you could look at one of their cabanas for a central place to hang out. Some may enjoy the ziplines or the roller coaster, or the water park. But you could also just pick a spot on one of the beaches.


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Mar 10, 2003
We just went last week (Adventure of the Seas), don't envy trying to figure out excursions for that large of a group. As for San Juan, we just did a self walking tour. https://thejellybeans.net/docs/WalkingTour_PuertoRico_SanJuan_OldSanJuan.pdf

One surprise on that walking tour was on the way to the El Morro fort, between Casa Rosa and the second playground you pass on that walking tour was an area with lots of very chill cats in Old San Juan and an organization called "Save a Gato" That was probably the neatest little surprise we ran into on that trip. (Assuming you have cat lovers in the group).

Labadee may be worth getting a cabana for that large a group, and maybe some can do the zip line or coaster. (I only have done the coaster, which is one or two people and you control the speed by a hand brake)

For St. Maarten there are probably a lot of interesting excursions, it's really up to whatever the group likes most, though.


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Feb 9, 2005
The beauty of Labadee is that there is enough there to appeal to everyone in the group. My advice would be to go to Colombus Cove and you can all sit near each other. You're near the water park, water slide, good for relaxing in calmer water (sand bottom here), near the food and near the shopping.


Jul 31, 2013
If you have any Star Wars fans, go to That Yoda Guy's in St. Maarten. A small museum of a former special effects person that worked on Star Wars
and many other 80s-90's movies. Labadee is great. You can't beat the Cabanas.


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