Exactly what is available at the 24-hour beverage station(s)?


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Nov 10, 1999
This has been confusing me lately...

I understand that there will be no soda/pop there. Is it just coffee, tea and water? Tap water? :confused:
There is only hot tea, coffee, water ( which tasted good) , and milk, and hot cocoa mix. The cokes are extra. ( I know, it should be included since you're paying so much already for the cruise.) If you're a big coke drinker, buy that refillable mug for $35, and drink all you want. Otherwise, you do get cokes or whatever at your meals at no extra cost.
Water (very good) and ice. Milk, and hot water with various tea bags. Some people like to make their own Iced Tea by brewing some of the different flavors of hot tea bags and pouring over ice.
that sounds great.....hubby's a big tea drinker, kids are big water drinkers......as for me......you don't want to know (i chew ice...is that not barbaric???)

is free water also available on Castaway Cay?

Free Water, ice tea, and fruit punch are available only when Cookies is open.

Otherwise the only free water I know of is:
1) on the bike path
2) a water fountain by the rest rooms at Serenity bay

we usually bring a couple of water bottles in our beach bag.

they do sell bottled water (and conch coolers) on the island
there is no coffee on the island, or at least I haven't found it yet, (in 18 trips).
I don't think that there is 'free' water on castaway cay. But they do sell bottled water. We are taking along some empty spring water bottles and filling them at the Deck #9 beverage station with water to take on all of the islands, including Castaway Cay.
There are a couple of free water dispensers near the boat rental area on CC.

Do they have chocolate? (DH's favorite.) Skim?

Sorry to bug you.
I honestly forget the 'kinds' of milk that were on Deck#9 -- BUT I do remember that we could order both skim and chocolate milk from room service - 24 hours a day - for no extra charge except the gratuity.


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