Everything but Disney - Day 14 - BBB and MNSSHP


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Apr 14, 2008
Everything but Disney Day 14 Thursday 27th October 2011 BBB and MNSSHP

Our last full day in Florida had arrived.

We had another later start and breakfast on our balcony

DD and DH had a swim whilst I packed. I usually pack the last night but couldn’t as we had MNSSHP. It was actually less depressing doing it earlier – will do again.

We stopped quickly at Fedex on the 535 to print a coupon off. Only 11cents inc tax for 1 A4 sheet in black and white. They had self service machines – DH sent the printing online – you get a code to enter into the machine and put your credit card in. Or you could put a usb stick in the machine.

We then parked at DTD Westside for an early lunch at House of blues. Have eaten there before – was ok – wouldn’t have lunch again. Very expensive cost $32 inc tip plus $2 restaurant.com coupon. Restaurant.com coupon saved $25 so bill should have been $57 for a burger, sandwich and kids meal. Kids meals were very pricey and DD hated the pizza – was a flat bread type. Also they charge extra for fries like rainforest cafe which irritates me!

We then drove over to DTD marketplace.

I’d made DD a bibbidi bobbidi boutique appointment at 1pm. She has been twice to the one in the castle but was her first time here at the one in the world of Disney shop. We got there 12.50 and checked in. We did have to wait to check in and then about 15 mins for DD to be seated – a family with 4 girls had just checked in so it obviously took time to book them in and seat them.

It is the same inside as the castle one.

The fairy godmother in training was very nice with DD. DD chose the princess bun hairdo again. DD arrived wearing her own dress. I picked the middle package for her, the ‘crown package’ – hair, nails and makeup. Cost $58 inc tax. They get a bag to take away with the makeup, face jewels, comb, nail polish and a tiara and mickey clip with the princess style and a sash.
DD finished about 1.45pm.

The dad of the 4 girls was paying when we were – his 4 girls had had the full package – dresses, wands etc – was over $1000! He was smiling though! I actually think the middle package is very reasonably priced for what they get – DH thought it was a bargain compared to the other bloke.

We didn’t have a photopass card this year so didn’t take DD to the studio for pictures like usual.

It was perfect timing for DD to be in the princess parade and they gave DD an invitation and told us to wait outside the front door of the shop.


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Apr 14, 2008
At 2pm each day they do a little parade of girls to the carousel and they get a free go on it. Lasted about 15 mins and DD enjoyed it – says she preferred it to the castle BBB.After she got off the carousel she ran over to me and gave me a big hug.

We then had two Ghirardelli sundaes between three of us – good but very rich. DH had a mint bliss, mine was a sundae with chocolate fudge sauce. We ate inside for the air conditioning – was hot and sunny today.

Myself and DD got changed in the restroom for MNSSHP. I just had a t shirt i’d made and DD was tinkerbell with light up wings.

We then drove over to MK. Was able to park nearby so didn’t need the tram. Got the ferry over to MK.

They had the turnstyles on the right set up for MNSSHP and they let us in at 3.50pm on just our party ticket. I’d bought these online and printed off e tickets which scanned in fine.

There was no wait for the princesses so DD met them and we lined up for mickey – a 5 min wait. We were stood next to the door waiting to go in to see mickey (they let a few families in at one) there was a loud knock at the door – mickey opened it – took hold of DD’s hand and ran into the room with her. She was surprised but thrilled. Got some nice pics of her with mickey and Minnie.

When we came out I picked up 3 bags for candy collecting at the Halloween party later.

We headed up main street and into Adventureland and went on magic carpets – waited about 5 mins.

DH wanted to go on pirates of the Carribean. DD had a strop as she didn’t want to. We had a sit down and a drink/snack and DD’s mood did improve (we never made it on pirates)We then headed to fantasy land and did small world, philarmagic, carousel and tea cups – all pretty much walk on.

It’s a great time to do rides as day visitors are leaving and a lot of MNSSHP guests haven’t arrived (party starts at 7pm)

About 6.30 we decided to eat before the party. We tried to see if the plaza had room but it had just closed so shared 2 chicken nuggets and fries at cosmic rays and a coke. Cost $21 but was hot and tasty.



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Apr 14, 2008
We did our first candy line when they opened at 7pm but they were only giving one or two sweets and there was alot of line cutting which really irritated DH especially as the cm saw it and did nothing.

DD met Alice near the tea cups (hadn’t seen her before – waited about 5 mins).

We got in position early for the 8.15 parade – opposite hall of presidents.
Great parade – slightly different than last year. About 10 mins before the parade the headless horseman trotted through. We video'd the parade rather than photos this year.

DD then met Tiana and Naveen at the gazebo near the Christmas shop and Tinkerbell who is now inside in Adventureland. This isn’t a patch on the old pixie hollow but DD was happy. Waited about 10 mins for each.

We stood near crystal palace for the fireworks and had a great view. Last year we were right near the castle and I wasn’t overlyimpressed – think we were too near. They were simply stunning this year – the effect when they all go off in a circle around you was fantastic.

We then headed to the brer rabbit candy patch – lots of candy stations together. DH snaffled a dole whip on the way there.

We also did the candy line near the riverboat a couple of times – they were generous there.

I really wanted to do haunted mansion. Loved the new queuing area (no line but we walked through it) DD was frightened – it definitely extra fun to do at night with the Halloween party atmosphere.

After being a horrible mum and taking her on haunted mansion we let her do what she wanted in fantasyland – so small world, dumbox2 , carousel ,teacups, poohx2(again great new queuing area). All rides were 5 min wait or walk on.

DH took some pics of the new expansion – looks great really taking shape.

Stopped for candy – they were now giving handfuls away and even outside MK were literally trying to give it away by the handful. We had 3 full bags (the handles broke on two of them!)

We lasted until the end –midnight. Took the ferry back to TTC. Home 1.10am and straight to bed.
I didn’t think MNSSHP was too busy and we got in and out of MK easily.

I took pictures of the sweetie bags when we got back to the UK.

  • Sarah28

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    Mar 29, 2011
    Loving your TR, your photos are amazing and your DD is so cute! Sounds like you had an amazing time :goodvibes


    Dreams really can come true !!!!
    May 26, 2007
    Your daughter looks amazing at BBB, you must be very proud. :goodvibes
    I now wish we had done this when DD was younger :sad2:
    Again,nice firework shots.
    I cannot believe how many sweets you managed to collect.
    I guess the tickets will rise for next year now, to pay for all of those! :laughing:

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