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Aug 8, 2014
It’s then hard that makes a marathon so good. Congrats on the PR!

Also, I like your wine choice (I work for the NZ division of the producer and I was involved in the initial wine in a can production runs for the NZ and AU market 😀)
  • jennamfeo

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    Aug 25, 2017
    There are better races out there than the “majors.” Go run Dublin and celebrate at the Guinness plant, for example, or Little Rock with a medal as big as your head. :)
    Trust me I have a bucket list of races I want to do and they aren't all Majors. But I have to want to run a Marathon again and I am not there yet.
  • Dis4Life10

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    Oct 18, 2017
    I'm running my first race at wine and dine (outside of little 5ks) and I have a feeling I am going to want my race schedule to look like yours eventually! I enjoyed reading all your race recaps!


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    Aug 25, 2017
    Now that I have had time to process that Wine and Dine is in fact over and I am not in a nightmare where I am back at work, I will pop in to say that I had a great weekend and it was so much fun. I don't know if I am going to do a full trip report. It's basically just a wash, rinse, repeat of Marathon Weekend (read as: I stayed up too late every night, ate and drank too much, and spent time with my RunDisney friends). But I might do a condensed version on here to post up some pictures and whatnot.

    In other news, I don't have anything on my race schedule until April 4th! Marathon Weekend is still a maybe. This weekend definitely pushed me over to the more yes than no side, but the only thing open is Dopey and I have to do some PTO math to see if I can swing that. And then there is Chicago Marathon Lottery going on right now and while I may have promised @rteetz I would run the Majors with him, that requires me to like run more Marathons and OOF, that sounds terrible.

    So I am working on a training plan to help me keep off the holiday weight I am bound to gain. I am going to try to get to the gym and start weight training as well as including some other cross training things to keep it fun.

    That's all for now!
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  • Sleepless Knight

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    May 15, 2008
    Well, I did a thing, so now we wait.
    Yea! Or do we question why you are looking at another marathon? Or blame @rteetz because he gets blamed for everything especially when he's innocent?

    But seriously, I'm currently questioning my sanity in registering for marathon number 2 and am thinking it could be my last. I may well feel differently next February.
    Don’t overthink it. Just do it!
    I almost overthought myself out of registering for my first marathon. Although in the end, I came to realize that I wanted to test myself with the marathon because I wanted to do it for my own reasons as opposed to feeling pressured into registering for it by anyone else for their own reasons.
    Ha! The #DISenabling strikes again! I just have no idea how post-baby running will go for me and would rather shoot for Disney '21 as of now, give myself a few extra months!
    I went from couch potato to Half marathon (first race of any kind period) in 4 months. 6 years later I decided to register for a half marathon just 3 weeks away despite having not ran for 6 weeks prior to sign up and no long runs in 6 months. Then I concluded that the marathon was not impossible after all, so I signed up for Dopey. So I'm not exactly a poster child for thinking things through in running. But what this insanity has taught me is to run on my terms. So if you think you would rather wait for Disney 2021 because of that extra cushion, then do so.


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    Aug 25, 2017
    This morning my husband asked me what I was training for and I said "nothing, just trying to not get fat this holiday season", but I am just as unsuccessful in this feat as I am in any normal training plan, so that's fun. (Also, I know it's because of my diet. Also, we are having pizza for dinner tonight and no one can stop me.)

    Anyway, I have been running. Very low miles, very slow pace.

    Monday: REST DAY

    Tuesday: I wanted to do 3 miles, I didn't have time to do 3 miles, I did 3 miles anyway and rushed around before work. I do not recommend.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:21)
    Actual - 3.00 @ 11:36

    Wednesday: Lunch miles and it was warmer than I was expecting. This route is ultra hilly, so I am surprised I was as close to my pace as I was.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:21)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 11:25

    Thursday: I meant to wake up early and go to the pool, but I just couldn't get out of bed. So I squeezed in a quick swim during my work day and then did a 1.82 mile walk with some co-workers during lunch.
    Swim - 900m

    Another lunch run for me on my hilly route. Not as hot this time though.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Actual - 4.01 @ 11:08

    Saturday: REST DAY!
    We headed to Phoenix for the weekend for my daughter's swim meet. She did awesome! She shaved off time on all three of her events and got second place in one of them!

    Sunday: REST DAY!
    My daughter had one more event this morning and it was something she never did before so automatic PR and she got third! Super proud of my little fish.

    Total Weekly Mileage: 10.22
    Total Time Spent: 1:56:11
    Average Pace: 11:23

    Upcoming Training:
    Monday - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Tuesday - 2 mi @ EA (11:21) + Swim
    Wednesday - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Thursday - Swim
    Friday - 5 mi @ LR (10:19)
    Saturday - REST DAY
    Sunday - REST DAY


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    Aug 25, 2017
    Today I am thankful for a short work week and lots of coffee. We had an amazing weekend in California, just the husband and I. Disneyland at Christmas time is the most magical, but boy am I tired.

    Monday: It refuses to cool down here in Arizona, so I baked in the sun during this run. Also my lower legs were stiff and hurt the whole time. Ugh.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Actual - 4.01 @ 10:46

    Tuesday: Today was a double workout day. Morning swim & afternoon run.
    Swim - 1000m
    Plan - 2 mi @ EA (11:21)
    Actual - 2.33 @ 11:18

    Wednesday: Lunch run again but it wasn't as warm as Monday was, thankfully. This was the best my legs had felt all week.
    Plan - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Actual - 4.01 @ 10:25

    Thursday: This morning we had to wake up at 3am to get tickets to the Cardinals & Cubs game in London this summer. It took almost an hour to get our tickets and I should have stayed up when I was done because I wanted to go to the pool. Instead I went back to sleep and snoozed past my swim time. Unintentional rest day, probably much needed. BUT WE ARE GOING TO LONDON IN JUNE!

    Friday: Actually got up on time and got my run in before work.
    Plan - 3 mi @ EA (11:21)
    Actual - 3.01 @ 11:04

    Saturday: REST DAY!
    We woke up early and headed to Disneyland! We got tickets to see MxPx and The Ataris at the House of Blues in Anaheim so we got some use out of our APs. Just me and my husband went this weekend and we left our daughter with my parents. It was nice to have this adult time together and we are taking her back next month, so we don't feel bad.

    We got stuck on the Incredicoaster so I took a selfie!

    Habanero-Hibiscus Margarita - 10/10 can't wait to have a few more of these!

    Good ole Mater!

    The Tree <3

    Sunday: REST DAY!
    Another shorter day at Disneyland because we had a long trip home (4 hours to Vegas and then 2 hours home from there, ugh). BUT the highlight of my day was that I got to get a picture with the Three Caballeros and my Wine & Dine Challenge medal!!

    They loved my medal!!

    Meet me in front of the castle, under the mistletoe.

    Total Weekly Mileage: 13.36
    Total Time Spent: 2:24:33
    Average Pace: 10:53

    Upcoming Training:
    Monday - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Tuesday - Swim
    Wednesday - 4 mi @ EB (10:36)
    Thursday - Sub 30 5k for Thanksgiving
    Friday - REST DAY
    Saturday - 5 mi @ LR (10:19)
    Sunday - REST DAY


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