Evening EMH at EPCOT


Earning My Ears
May 18, 2005
If Illuminations begins at 9:00, will EMH start at the same time? I'm thinking of skipping Illuminations the night of EMH and going on rides at that time. Will they be open? Are there fast passes on EMH nights?
We were there last week and did Epcot's evening EMH. You can ride the rides during Illuminations. If the Fastpasses have not all been used up already, you will still be able to get them for the evening EMH. I actually saw a case where at 8PM, the fastpasses for Soarin' were gone, but when we went back at 9:30, the fastpasses were being given out again.
Was it really crowded during EMH? DH and I are taking our 4 kids, ages 15 thru 25, and they think staying late at the parks sounds great. I'm a morning person, but I'm willing to try late evenings for the kids. Soarin' was open during EMH?
Soarin was packed

you can do journey into the imagination and Honey I shrunk the kids though without wait


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