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Jan 21, 2001
We will be arriving on Sun. 4/8 and leaving on Fri. 4/13 and I was wondering if you think $600.00 would be enough for food, souveneirs, etc. We already have our hotel paid for and got our tickets from the base so that is all done. We plan on eating breakfast in our room and bringing snacks for the kids to the parks and our own bottled water so we just need to eat lunch and dinner, pay for parking and of course gas. Let me know what you think, we were planning on having a lot more money to spend but taxes got messed up so we won't be receiving our refund in time for our trip :mad: ~ Thanks!
You can do it! Last year we went with 2 other families. One of the families(mom and 2 kids), names won't be mentioned(Hee!Hee!), left most of her money behind by accident! They made it on $450 for seven days, including food, pins, and souviniers.


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sure you can do it. Depending on how old your kids are it could be pretty easy. Limit your sit down meals to two or three per trip and I would make them character meals for the ids. Go for lunch or breakfast when the price is lower. Other than that eat fast food, share drinks and fries at meals and or order water. Under estimate how much food you'll need when ordering because there is always extra food left. Bring bottles water to the parks and eat quick pop tart, granola bar, fruit breakfasts in the room. Be sure to leave plenty of your budget for snacks since that can be the most enjoyable part of the trip and limit souveniers to small trinkets. Perhaps going to the disney store and getting each child their own souvenier spending money would be a good strategy, tha tway they can buy what they want if they have enough money and you don't feel like the bad guy having to say "no"
Thanks for the replies - we are a family of 5 (kids ages 9,7,& 3) and we have already gotten the children Disney Dollars for their spending so I feel a little bit better with people letting me know we can do it on that amount of money! :)
I think that a lot of people believe that you have no choice but spend like $1000 a day. That is not true at all. You will be just fine. Just follow the great advice of the people that posted here and you will have a great time.

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Hi! I agree that you all can easily eat for that amount. A nice reasonable sit down breakfast can be had at Tony's Town Square in MK. The food and atmosphere are wonderful. If you eat a late breakfast, that would hold you over till dinnertime. I also like the Pinnochio Hause and Pecos Bill's in MK. In Epcot the Cantina de San Angel is good as well as the Kringla Bakeri in Norway for wonderful sweet pretzels. The pretzels are huge and plenty big enough to share. We like to go here for dessert and sit on their little patio while watching illuminations.
You can find menus for all these at http://wdwig.com/menu/menus.htm .
I like knowing what to the restaurants have to offer the kids, so that they can decide in advance what they will order.
Have a great trip!
I forgot to mention that the food at Tusker House at AK is also very good and very reasonably priced

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