Enough about Express (FOTL)!


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Nov 19, 1999
Since this forum has turned into nothing but the complain about the new Express program, and there are so many posts, many of which aren't getting read so things repeat over and over, here's my say.

The new program is not in place yet. It's being rolled out slowly. The training for Universal's employees is going on this week. After Universal trains it's staff, then they will train the off-site folks. By the time they finish the training, the program will be in place. The advertising will catchup as well.

What has been totally lost here is that Universal is putting into place a system that provides a benefit to all of it's guests, not excluding anyone. Consider the logistics, the number of people that can be in the parks in a day, all of them with some sort of Express access. The Express system is designed to have no more than a 15 minute wait, thus not everyone in the park can be using it at the same time. The parks are open year round, closing as early as 6 p.m.. The system needs to be the same regardless of the length of the business day, the time of the year, or the number of guests in the park. Think about this when there's 40,000 people in a park. Would you rather it change every week or two to adjust for the hours and loads?

Universal is the leader in providing this benefit to it's guests. Even Disney can't operate their system at this level. Stay in their hotels, they like your money, and you'll wait in every line. I don't see any other park stepping up to this program either. Every ticket holder is equally important. As they purchase multi-day tickets, or stay on site, they receive more benefits from the system. It however does not mean that they're any more or any less important.

There's quite a few armchair quarterbacks. How about leaving it to the professionals that do this? There has been a lot of research on this. It's not as simple as it sounds. So if they did total unlimited access, can we have the other guests that can't use the system come see you to complain?

They could make it just as good as Disney's system and there wouldn't be a thing to complain about. Remember what there used to be? If they did nothing at all, they would be no different than any other park other than WDW, and nobody would say a thing. How many people are honestly not going to come to the park if they didn't have a Express system? I guess every other theme park in the world should now close their doors if they don't have an Express system. Sell your Six Flags stock now. Shouldn't everyone get an oppotunity for Express service at some level?

Sorry for the ramble, I don't mean to offend anyone. This subject and some of these posts are getting ridiculous. I can see the next issue, why don't I have FOTL access at resturants and restrooms? This whole issue has gone on long enough. Somebody let me know when this is over.....
You are oh so right, nuff is enuff! Simply put.... something is better than nothing. And something is definitely taking place. I, for one, think it'll fly.
Now, where does an in-the-know hard-working local, like yourself, choose to eat, drink & be merry within the Universal complex? Any favorites or recommendations at IOA , USF or Citywalk?
The change in policy(which is AWFUL) wont make me not go to univeral studios but will definetly make me reconsider staying on site which would mean less money for universal and from what ive read on these boards their occupancy rates arent the greatest anyway.
Ditto Earl!
I think sometimes we need to sit back and let the "small stuff" go. I am going to be at US booked at Portofino in May. I will be happy if I get FOTL once per ride, per day.
However, I probably would not have booked the Portofino if FOTL were not one of the perks. It actually was the deciding plus that made us just do it. That being said, I do have a life outside of looking forward to our vaction. I won't crumble and die if things change...but I will deal with it...perhaps by canceling my ressies and going cheaper if the FOTL perk disapears before I get there. My right, my option!
As for all the "whinning", well Earl, we do know from looking at the Disney Boards, that some people never grow up...tis a good thing sometimes, and sometimes not!
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I agree! Enough is enough. The point has been belabored. All the ranting and raving isn't going to change anything.

While I have to admit I am disappointed in the change, I do understand the need for it. If I were a single ticket guest watching the same people go on a ride over and over while I wasted away in line, I would be PISSED! You can bet I would never come back. Universal is doing the right thing. The new system is the best compromise to keep everyone at least moderately satisfied.

I also wanted to add that I appreciate you and everyone else taking time out of their day to let us know what is happening. I would much rather know ahead of time what to expect than to show up and be incredibly let down.

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It took FOTL for me to consider staying onsite. I'll still stay onsite for FOTL (even only one ride a day) and early entry (where I can ride several times a day).

Just do not take away my single riders lines. That's the only way I can ride MiB over and over. I am addicted to that ride! :)


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Well said Earl there is alot of anger on that other post. As a Universal Employee Ride operator I understand why these changes are being made. What's the point in FOTL if you wait longer in that line that the regular line? Is it fair that Hotel guests ride 18 times before another guest rides once? Yeah you paid 200 bucks for a hotel room but what you paid for was a hotel room ,FOTL is an added benefit which they aren't cutting out but cutting back...If you want cheaper go off site and pay 80 bucks but then add it in cab fare time wasted traveling farther then you should have if you stayed on site plus you also give up the remaining FOTL privliges. I-Drive is a wonderful commute I hear and Waffle House is a great place to eat...Enjoy! :rolleyes:





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