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    Expert needed...

    A couple years back when I went on my first DC, I don't recall that there is a check in time. We got to the terminal around 11:30am and just waited to get on the boat around 1 ish. This year, we just did the online check-in and was assigned a check-in time at 2pm. :mad: When I book the limo, the limo guy mentioned that this is new policy to avoid EVERYBODY getting there so early. In fact, the terminal won't even open until 11am. So, my question is, if I arrived before my check-in time, will I be allowed in the terminal? Or will I be toasting outside the terminal? :headache: I really want to get on the boat and have the buffet and take a dip in the pool!!!
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    It depends. If you arrive after boarding starts, you'll move right into the terminal. The problem is that with the new, bigger ships, it is possible to have so many guests arrive at the terminal that they exceed the number the fire marshal allows into the space. SO....the port arrival times help to spread out the guests. This problem takes care of itself as soon as boarding starts--people are rapidly moving out of the terminal an onto the ship.

    What you do need to know--your boarding pass number is tied to your port arrival time. Again, you'll be boarding well before 2, but if you arrive at 11, you won't be boarding at 12!

    My suggestion--arrive about 12-1. You will enter the terminal as soon as you arrive, and you'll be boarding the ship with not much waiting. If you arrive before 12, you'll be waiting in the terminal. I would not wait till 2 to arrive unless that suited my flight schedule!

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