EE requires the purchase of at least a 2 day pass correct?


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I just read the below early entry discussion, and something that was not mentioned that I wanted to check on was that to gain early entry you still have to have a two day pass correct?
We just got back from 10 days at US and IOA. I believe early entry is for on site guests only. A two day pass gets you express passes - only one at a time. A three day pass gets you express passes - three at a time. On site guests get express entry all day long with no need for passes - you just show your room key.
I'm pretty sure both 2- and 3-day passes give you up to 3 Express Pass tickets. 1-day passes allow you 1 Express Pass ticket at a time.


You can get early entry with any ticket if you are staying onsite, I don't know about "partner" hotels or other early entry privileges.
Here's a link to Barry's email from Universal regarding EE... Includes what kind of tickets get the privilege also... Click HERE.


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So, you can't get early entry unless you are staying onsite? Or can you also get early entry if you have a 2 day pass?

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It's so confusing ...

I think *certain* multi day passes, AAA/CAA for instance, are supposed to have early entry privileges also, regardless of hotel/travel agent.
When we bought our passes last August a 2 or 3 day pass got you early entry regardless of your hotel situation. unfortunately they may have changed this.
That's what I was told by Universal when I called she didn't mention 2 or 3 day passes at all. And if you are staying onsite. I was told with the flex pass you also get three express passes at one time.


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