EARS TO YOU 2002 day 2

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Tomorrow: MGM & Epcot

    Day 2

    With such a short weekend we decided to do a few favorites and a few things we missed in August. Our morning started with Pop Tarts for the kids and a drive over to the Boardwalk to park the car for the day. We walked over to MGM arriving around opening time and Daddy was able to walk right onto Rock and Roller Coaster. Mommy obtained fast passes for her rides on Tower of Terror and Rock and Roller Coaster while the kids and I waited for Daddy. Kayla and Michael wanted to see Playhouse Disney so we went there next. This is always fun with the kids and they always enjoy seeing Bear and catching the bubbles during the show. While Mommy went on her rides, Daddy took the kids on The Great Movie Ride. It had been a few trips since we had seen “Muppets 3D” so we all enjoyed this….Michael still will not where the glasses though! We had missed the Huntchback show a few weeks ago so we all wanted to see this. We are glad we did since on our next visit it will no longer be showing. Kayla and Mommy took pictures under the “Singing in the Rain” umbrella and we let the kids take pictures of us on the NY street and by the snowmen. We were all hungry and it was getting close to our priority seating time so started our walk over to EPCOT.

    The rest of our day and evening was going to be spent at EPCOT. We had another wonderful lunch at the Coral Reef and we all ordered the same (lobster soup, blackened catfish and grits and bowls of grits for the kids ($53.00)). There were 2 divers in the tank and we enjoyed watching all the marine life. Michael loves “Journey into Imagination” so we took a couple rides on this and they also played with the leaping fountains. We decided to walk over to some of the countries and Canada was first. The kids made more masks and we enjoyed the “O Canada” film as well as the beautiful water falls and scenery in this country. Kayla and Michael also practiced taking more pictures here. We stopped to watch a band playing and Daddy decided to try a “Beaver Tail”. We made our way to the UK and let the kids play in the garden maze for awhile while we relaxed on the benches and Daddy finished his snack. Tigger, Pooh and Piglet suddenly appeared and the kids said quick hi’s but were having too much fun in the maze for any more then that. We continued our afternoon’s journey through world showcase and took a few rides on the boat ride in Mexico. Mommy and Daddy purchased a sun in the market to hang in their screened in porch. It was getting close to Tapestry of Dreams time so we obtained a spot near Norway and positioned the kids on our shoulders. The music began and the puppets danced there way by as they touched our children on their heads and hands and made them smile that Disney smile. Kayla wanted to ride Test Track, Mommy was craving a Margarita and Michael wanted a Churo so we decided to split up for the remainder of the evening. Daddy and Kayla had a special and fun ride together and Mommy and Michael enjoyed our evening treats while watching illuminations at a front row spot at the railing near future world on Mommy’s lap. Michael loves fireworks! We all met up after (thanks to our handy cell phones) and told each other of our fun evening. It was great having some special Mommy and Son time and some special Daddy and Daughter time!
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    Sounds like a really fun day. I would love to eat at the Coral Reef. Sounds yummy. :)
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Glad you made the Huntchback show one more time!

    We are going to miss that in October (it's our own fault because we never took the time in the past):(

    I wished you could post pictures of the kids watching the parade!

    I can almost see their faces now!

    I can especially appreciate the Daddy & Daughter time!

    Thanks for sharing!

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