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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by MickeyMagic, May 9, 2001.

  1. MickeyMagic

    MickeyMagic DIS Veteran

    Nov 24, 1999
    I am staying at the Disneyland Hotel for 2 nights and then moving to a cheaper hotel. I am purchasing a 3-day hopper pass through the Disneyland Hotel. When I move to another hotel, will I still be able to get early entry for my last day on my ticket?

  2. lawgs

    lawgs DIS Veteran

    Aug 2, 2000
    we were just there and had the park hopper from a disneyland resort hotel....

    we used the first days.....left to go to arizona and came back last saturday and were able to use the early entry at 6:30 to get one last HIT of the park before going to the airport...

    so i would say if you have a park hopper with early entry you could use it ......regardless of where you are staying.....they did not ask for HOTEL id when we presented the tickets on saturday...

    we did our entry at the monorail station so it might be different if you entered the main gate....as i just saw on another post they might route you through the "restaurant" on early entry days......if you are closer to actual park opening...

    the day we did the early entry at disneyland using the parkhopper the first time.....we just entered the park and walked up main street .....to fantasyland which was the only area open....then at 9 am headed to indy...

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