DVC Supply Problem Building ??


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Aug 21, 2000
IF and I do use IF. The Disney Institute story is true, as there is no official word from Disney as of yet. Will there be a supply problem building (pun not intended). Let's look, VWL is not sold out yet... but probably will long before Eagle Pines and Disney Insititue, but it is conceivble that Eagle Pines, BCV, Disney Insititue, HH and VB are ALL on the market at the same time. That is a lot of SUPPLY !

It haunts me, as it has overtures of the over supply of hotel rooms on the WDW property right at this moment.

We could be watching our DVC values frozen for years, maybe even decline, if Disney is forced to offer HUGE incentives to move inventory.

Somehow I am reluctant to accept this DI story to be true, it seems to be much DVC'ing goin' on. Next I suppose we will be hearing of Cabins at the Fort Wilderness being converted to DVC, or maybe campsites !!!!.......
DVCDAVE....I look at the supply issue from the other side.

I don't really care what value my points have on the open market because I do not intend to sell. To me, opening more DVC resorts just means that many more options over the next 40 years for places to stay.

I know that a financially strong DVD is good for all of us, but I don't see Disney building anything unless they think it will sell.
The plan is true. I just posted a link to an Orlando Sentinel story.
Haven't they learned from pop century and the hotel overbuilding! Yuck- If the DI failed has a resort- hey lets turn it into a timeshare. Eagle pines looks like a first class resort this looks like an afterthought! They may be able to get away with the BCV afterthought because of SAB and the location but DI Pleeez! So now I will for sure have to use my 11 mos window as all the buyers who become disenchanted with it will look to use their points elsewhere! Hey buy at the DI- your points are good anywhere! I think this is just going to make it all the harder to get reservations at the other DVC resorts
I would be interested in seeing the size of the units they are planning to build. One of the draws of the DI rooms were the size in relation to the price. If the units are copies of OKW, or slightly smaller, yet not as small as the BWV or VWL, then maybe there would be a draw.

I am not at all crazy about this idea. It appears to have come out of the blue. The success of DVC was just too tempting to leave well enough alone. However, though I'm skeptical, I'll reserve judgement till it's finally done. Maybe DVC *will* turn it around.

In the article it says that they are going to demolish the DI buildings to put up a new DVC resort. Maybe they are anticipating BCV to sell as fast as VWL. If they do there will be very little to sell in 2004. I'm sure if sells of BCV are slow the construction at DI will slow down or be put on hold. I bet we are looking at a OKW on a much smaller scale. Maybe the first part of the construction will only be Phase 1 and it will be larger than just 1/4 the size of DI when it is completed. I don't think the location is going to sell it though.
If DVD expects BCV to sell out quickly (which I tend to believe it will) why not throw all their resources into Eagle Pines? By adding DI, it seems to me they are spreading their resources too thin and actually delaying EP. Sure it's cheaper to build at DI, but it's a bandaid approach. It will have no WOW factor as someone mentionned in another post, at least I don't think they will spend enough money to make it anything unusual. Also it's about location- I don't think PI and DD are that big a draw to make me want to stay there. Yes people want DVC - but look where it's been located until now. I really feel this cheapens the membership no matter how nice the units are inside. And why no concept photo like BCV and Ep have?
Is the DI location really any different than OKW or EP, neither of which are near the parks or anything else. On the other hand, DI has the added attraction of being closer to Downtown Disney, for those that are interested in that sort of thing. After all, isn't OKW's boat ride to DD seen as a plus?

That being said, everything else being equal, I don't think that I will be interested in that location for a few years, until mykids get older. When I go to Disney I like to escape the real world and that location is a little to close to the edge of the property, and back into the real world for me.

Who knows though, once I see it I might really want to stay there.
And why no concept photo like BCV and Ep have?

Kem this is something that bothers me, too. It doesn't seem as if this was part of any DVC business plan. It seems more like a "cover" for shuttering DI. Imagine when folks start looking at WDW and see that they haven't opened Pop Century and are letting buildings stand vacant (have they been furnished yet?), they have closed PO which until recently was a free-standing resort, and they have closed the DI. By saying they are building DVC at DI it gives them another reason for letting it stand vacant. Hopefully, they will take the time to think this through and create something that will have a special appeal. Maybe they will stress the spa aspect and/or add back in some course type programs.
Good Point PAMOKW, this could all be a cover for some of the Hotel room over capacity problem Eisner is facing. Turning DI into a DVC complex, then if it doesn't sell blame it on the timeshare industry, or if is succeds, take credit for it. This very much looks as an after thought. No concept drawing, no plan. and no theme. This could turn out to be DVC's 'slum'. ie; timeshare units built in and around an old boarded up DI resort. I can picture the graffitti and plywood windows now.....
Never have figured out why people speculate on possible problems....and all this discussion is rampant speculation. Makes no difference to us if they chose to do it--if a couple hundred rooms is going to be the source of a problem, things aren't in very good shape to start with....which is contrary to how we see it anyhow. DVC is taking the risk, and for all intents and purposes our purchase has paid for itself at this point. We'll let the anal group sit up nights worrying about "what ifs":D
I am so excited. I agree this is a complete cover up/after thought. Who are they kidding? Us I guess. What will they do with the rest of DI? Eisner and Co. sure don't know. Can't wait to see the conception photo 3 months before opening.

The villas will be like going to Yankee Stadium back in the early 80's. I have an idea. Bring some cans of spray paint and let's call it the Villas at Fort Apache.
How about a 'Honeymooners' theme ! Tenament style apartments modeled after Ralph Cramden's apartment. All the help well either be dressed in a bus driver's uniform, or a sewer workers outfirt. Instead of a balcony over looking the urban scenerary of PI and DTD, the units will have a fire escape ! LOL, LOL !

Resort activities would include bowling, and a evening meeting of the Order of the Racoons
Actually, I think this is to satisfy the problem of bringing our dogs on vacation with us.

DIV = Dogs In Villas :D :D

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