Driving from Long Island to WDW, where to stay on the road??


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Aug 12, 2000
We (Me,DD9,DS7,DS,DN12,DM) will be driving to WDW, leaving Thursday,Feb 15th at about 3pm. We want to drive till about midnight-(9 hrs). I have never driven to Florida. I estimate that we will be about at Richmond by then.

I have a couple of questions. Since we are all women(none of our husbands are coming-girls trip this time), we thought instead of winging it and stopping along the road when we got tired, it would be safer to make reservations ahead of time.
Do you think it would be a problem for the 6 of us to stay in a standard room at a motel(the kids could sleep on the floor in sleeping bags, they love to do that at home)? I started looking at the prices from exitguide.com, it was expensive(and you don't know what your getting!) We were hoping to pay tops $60. I tried priceline for 2-2*rooms in the Richmond airport area, went to $25 + 20 amex bonus and was rejected before we ran out of bids.
Sorry to ramble, has anyone stayed at a good inexpensive motel around there. We just need a safe CLEAN place to stay for 8 hours. Tomorrow I will try motels thru the entertaiment book. Any other references would be of great help!! :D

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Also a Long Islander, have never driven to WDW but, when we drove south last winter, leaving from Suffolk County, in 9 hours we were already in North Carolina, Raleigh to be exact! Not a big speeder, I just keep up with the flow.
That might make you consider changing the location of your first stop??

As a foot note, I would order an EZPASS - they make the tolls go much quicker right thru to Delaware I believe!!

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Hi! DH and I were also planning on driving on the following day, but as DH is very picky with his car, it would have cost us more to tune up the car than to fly for 400/pp. So, we are flying to WDW on 2/16. Where will you be staying? What have you heard about the crowds?
I'd be really interested in finding out how long it took to drive, where you had to stop, etc. You could always so to mapquest.com, and they will route your trip for you. Hope you have a magical time!
Yes, as posted above you may wind up further down the road than you think! :)
DH and I noticed that we beat our best time on our drive to WDW on our last drive...I think the speed limit increased or something. Of course safety is our priority as we travel with our most prized possessions (our kids) but GENERALLY speaking when you travel on a divided highway and you travel the same speed as the surrounding traffic, it is the safest.
Do you belong to AAA? If not, it may be worth the investment and you can join on line. (we saved an unplanned $220. AAA discount on our resort stay..what a nice surprise!) You will be able to order "Trip Tik"(you can order these on line as well, ours came within a couple of days of ordering)...which is a free service from AAA. They send you tour books from each state you pass through and they chart your course as well. In the actual Trip Tiks book are emergency numbers and driving regulations for each state. It also lists the tolls.
Then what you could do is, as you decide that you will be stopping for the night, look in the appropriate state tour book for a hotel right off the highway (there are MANY) and call ahead to check for vacancy. You may even be able to get a AAA discount on the hotel. Have a good trip!


I live in Chesterfield VA (previously from Bethpage, LI) You have got the timing close, you can hit Richmond in about 7 hours depending on stops (400 miles). It's another 770 miles to Disney from here. Now back to your question:

Excellent, safe and easy place to stay is Chester VA about 10 miles south of Richmond. It's right on I-95 exit 61a (route 10). They have about 3 nice hotels there that run as low as $65 for a night.

Ones I recommend are Hampton Inn (804-897-6099), Comfort Inn (804-751-0000) and Holiday Inn Express (804-751-0123). You might be able to find coupons in the travel guides located at the rest areas.

Good luc

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We are driving from Texas in Nov.But here is what I did: I logged onto Best Westerns site(www.bestwestern.com) and was able to map my trip and then it showed me all of the Best Westerns along the way. Then I called their Res. line and they sent me a thick book that shows all the Best Westerns in the US. I know that if you call Super 8 will also send out a book. Most of them have approx. rates listed in them. Hope this helps.

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Try AAA they have books that rate the motels and hotels. I would advise somthing with at least a three star rating. When we drive i always try to get a place that is right off 95 there are tons. Before I noticed the rating system in the AAA book I unfortunately stayed in a bad Best Western you would never let your children have slept on that cruddy carpet. I couldn't sleep in the bed and my hubby couldn't either the place only had 2 star rating. I would never make that mistake again. We stayed at a Hampton the next time we drove and it was claen a nd beautiful. It had a free continental breakfast and a coffee pot in the room. Pay attention to the star ratings and I am sure you will find a wonderful place for a night.

I just want to thank every one for helping me. You guys are great!!!!!
When I get set on something, I get obsessed till I do it.

After thinking and taking everyones advise into consideration, I ended up going on priceline and getting 2 rooms for the ride down. ....I really didn't feel right cramming 6 into 1 room when there technicially isn't enought room. I looked around and I really didn't want to pay the $60-or more per room(X2) on the road, just for staying there 8 hours. I deceided to expand my area and ended up getting a motel on the west side of Richmond. I know we will probably be there in 7-8 hours, but I wanted to play it safe,in case of bad weather. I took a chance, the motel is AAA 3* rating(priceline2*). The Comfort Inn Exective Center. Comes with continental breakfast. Believe it or not, I got it for $9 a night per room(plus $20 amex bonus money). I was so happy, I then deceided to go for a room for the ride back in Fayetteville, NC. On my first bid I got the Holiday Inn Fayetteville(3*AAA, 2* priceline) for $5 a night for 2 rooms(this hotel doesn't have breakfast- but it does have a indoor pool-if we have time). I took a chance, I 'm pretty happy. Even if something happen and we couldn't make the motel, we wouldn't lose much.
So I'm happy for now!!!

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We used Priceline for our stop from Central New Jersey to Florida. Fayetteville works out to be exactly midpoint for us - 550 miles for each piece. We got the Ramada 2 star for $10. plus $20 Bonus money. It was okay for the price. It was off I95 a bit. We have spent nearly $50. for the Econolodge 3 star right off I-95 (we've driven down and back at least 5 times). It was quite a bit nicer - but you only use the room for 1 night so the Ramada was a great price.
I second the AAA recommendation - it is well worth the membership for all the trip-tixs and state touring guides we have gotten - plus they have towed one of our cars several times (once from Huntington, LI all the way back to our house in NJ - I think hubby has the upgraded AAA memberships).
You can figure approximate miles and driving time by using www.mapblast.com or www.mapquest.com
Have a safe and fun trip!
We live in North Carolina, which will be about your halfway point. I travel in business, so I would suggest a Hampton Inn. They are always clean, guaranteed 100% and you get a free breakfast. I would suggest just booking the room for two, they don't know how man will be there and don't open a can of worms. They always have inside doors, which is important to me as a woman.

Go to Hamptoninn.com and they will show you a map with all in the area. The further south you go the cheaper it will be.

Now, for just a cheap clean room, the Masters Inn in Smithfield NC is about $39 a night and we have always found it ok. It is right off I95 right at Highway 70.

Good Luck

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I just want to recommend stopping at the Florida Welcome Center just inside Florida -- It's VERY nice, VERY clean, and has LOTS of GREAT brochures, including one for each Disney park. It's not your typical rest area.


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